Marriage at its end often makes a fatal mistake

 Marriage at its end often makes a fatal mistake

The happiest couple in the literary circle, Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu, have proved with years what happiness in marriage is.

When Qian Zhongshu talks about his famous work besieged city, there is always a word to describe it: accumulating money. He wrote hundreds of words a day, and she read hundreds of words a day. He did not write a word, she just smile. He doesnt rush, she doesnt ask. He is not in a hurry, nor is she.

Do not chase your time, also do not waste my time, mutual understanding, can mutual long-term.

How can such a marriage be unhappy if we can see clearly ourselves, understand each other and respect each other more clearly?

Of course, as the two old gentlemen do, knowledge and wisdom are a minority.

We are all human beings.

But dont ordinary people need to pay attention to carry clear?

A man who cant pick up a soft meal can be so reasonable and strong. Even if she is an ordinary woman, she is already ready to run away.

A cant carry people, will only throw all his problems to the other half.

People in marriage, no matter how much love, should be clear about some facts: for example, his parents are not yours, you can not be unrestrained to ask. His contacts and income are not yours. You cant use them without shame. His personality and tolerance do not belong to you, you can not always occupy without understanding

All marriages that end in trouble are bound to be the fault of both parties.

No more than yes, there are more or less mistakes.

Moreover, many marriages at the end of their careers often make a fatal mistake, that is, they cant carry it clearly.

Dont think that after becoming a husband and wife, the other party should change for you. Only himself can change a person. Otherwise, whats his nature and personality?

Mingyi believes that marriage at the end of the road often makes a fatal mistake: not clear.

It is the common expectation of both sides to separate when marriage is not clear.

Its not that you live through life, but you are really desperate about this marriage.

The only thing you can do is to meet the right person again, and you will finally learn to carry everything clearly.