Watching movies, visiting exhibitions, watching performances Cultural activities in double festival

 Watching movies, visiting exhibitions, watching performances Cultural activities in double festival

I want to go to the cinema to see winning the championship and go back to the 1980s to see how womens volleyball girls train. Winning the championship is very popular. The spirit of womens volleyball team is so exciting On September 25th, champion took the lead in serving. The film was released only five days ago, and the box office exceeded 200 million yuan. This years National Day archives ushered in a good start.

This years National Day archives are of special significance to Chinese films and Chinese filmmakers, and may leave an unforgettable mark in the history of Chinese films. Rao Shuguang, President of the China Film Review Association, said in an interview with the cultural and Entertainment Department of peoples that Chinas film market has a strong endogenous power, National Day archives have ignited the audiences enthusiasm for watching films and will continue to release the vitality of the film market. I believe that this years National Day films will have strong performance, and further restore confidence in the new development, new pattern and new atmosphere of Chinese films in the future. Rao Shuguang said.

With the return of cinema attendance to 75%, Chinas film market has accelerated the pace of recovery. In addition to the early release of the film win the championship, many types of excellent works have their own bright spots, setting off an upsurge of watching movies.

Many films are on during the National Day holiday

This years National Day films have achieved a new breakthrough. They are not only of various types, but also closer to the publics aesthetic taste. Zhou Xing, a professor at the school of art and media of Beijing Normal University, said: my hometown and I and home at one point are earthy and comic. The vanguard embodies the value of a blockbuster, boosting action films to the international film market. The spirit of womens volleyball team in winning the championship is not only our concern for history, but also the expression of our current aspirations u3002u201d

National Day archives return to the essence of film, tell Chinese stories with excellent films, and realize empathy, resonance and resonance with the audience at a broader level. Viewing Chinese films from the National Day archives with a large number of excellent films and constant favorable comments, the aim is to welcome the spring of high-quality development of the film and television industry.

Online and offline culture and Museum classroom fun

During the good period of the double festival, cultural landmarks such as major museums and heritage parks have also become popular punch in places for tourists. On the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, the museum is open to the public as usual under the premise of taking measures such as limited appointment, health code inspection and visit in different periods.

There is a National Museum of Chinese history for children. In order to meet the needs of the public, Hunan Museum increased the daily booking quota of visitors, and extended the closing day of the museum on Monday to after the holiday, which was well received by the visitors.

The exhibition site of scenery on high mountains - Confucius Culture Exhibition of National Museum. Photo by Meng Liyuan, peoples daily

What if the exhibition hall is too hot to grab tickets? Dont worry, new technologies such as cloud exhibition hall, 5g and live broadcast allow cultural and Museum lovers to enjoy wonderful exhibitions without leaving their homes. Before the festival, more than 10 cultural and cultural units jointly launched the Internet plus Chinese civilization digital exhibition, which focuses on the cultural space and time roaming, so that audiences can understand nearly 100 national treasure cultural relics in their past lives.

The indoor exquisite exhibits are dazzling, and the outdoor heritage park is also popular. During the National Day holiday, the Liangzhu Ancient City Heritage Park held ar intelligent tour experience activities. Visitors can see the ancient buildings simulated and restored on the site, and experience the Millennium accumulation of world cultural heritage; Nanchang haihunhou State Heritage Park of Han Dynasty specially launched such experience activities as Han style and Gan flavor, Zhongming haihun and touching Han civilization, so that visitors can feel the richness of haihun culture in interaction Colorful.

To welcome the national day and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, the splendid cultural activities of cultural and cultural institutions in various places not only add a strong cultural flavor to the double festival holiday, but also let people really appreciate the unique charm of Chinese civilization in the cultural journey.

The market for the performance of good plays has become hot

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, Beethoven 2020 and the fifth symphony of fate in C minor were played by the Beijing Symphony Orchestra in September 30th, and the fourth movement of the Wuhan Opera Orchestra, which was played in the concert hall of the National Grand Theater, opened the prelude to the National Day Mid Autumn Festival season, and salutes the medical staff who fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and gives the world a whole lot of people. The power of the people to overcome the epidemic situation.

I love you, China National Day Concert of National Grand Theatre 2020

With the continuous improvement of epidemic prevention and control and policy support, the audience has a higher demand for cultural performances. The 8-day National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday is regarded as the golden period for industry recovery. As for Beijing, Beijing Opera House Mid Autumn Festival u00b7 Peking Opera famous section concert conveys the charm of traditional operas. After the resumption of production and work, the first newly created drama Nalati love song shows the spirit of the times. The Beijing Peoples art Thunderstorm pays tribute to the 110th Anniversary of Cao Yus birth There will be more than 400 performances in this holiday season. The wonderful performances will enrich the cultural life of the audience and add a fire to the resumption of production in the performance market.

A few days ago, the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the fourth edition of the guidelines on epidemic prevention and control measures for theatres and other performance venues, which stipulates that large-scale commercial performance activities held outdoors can be given priority in accordance with the scientific and orderly principle During the National Day golden holiday, offline music festivals with immersive experience and a large number of musicians performing on the same stage are also popular. More than 20 music festivals, including strawberry Music Festival, Chengdu cactus Music Festival and Shanghai Guochao Music Carnival, have taken part in the National Day holiday. It is worth mentioning in particular that many music festivals are more or less supported by the local government, and even directly sponsored by the government. The music festival not only provides leisure places for music fans, but also becomes a city card to attract young people.

The National Day holiday will continue to enhance peoples willingness to consume, boost the confidence of the industry, further release the vitality of the performance market, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the performance market under the role of various parties.