Lang Ping was denounced in public and even ate French fries and fried chicken when she entered the national team. Was she really only given shoes to Zhu Ting?

 Lang Ping was denounced in public and even ate French fries and fried chicken when she entered the national team. Was she really only given shoes to Zhu Ting?

She was born at the age of 15 and became the main force of Tianjin Womens volleyball team. At the age of 17, she scored 45 points in a single game, breaking Zhu Tings four-year single game scoring record.

18-year-old, with the title of super MVP, was selected into the national team. He was the first person in history with 804 points in a single season.

However, as a backward wave of womens volleyball team, Li Yingying is no longer satisfied with being young and promising. Her experience in the national team in the past two years has made her have higher requirements for herself.

Li Yingying has been growing at an amazing rate. She was just 18 when she was first selected for the national team two years ago. Yao Di recalled that she was a child at that time.

As a member of the Chinese womens volleyball team, Li Yingying fulfilled her childhood dream. After her excitement, she felt nervous.

Just entered the national team, Li Yingying experienced Lang Pings harshness.

Compared with the old womens volleyball era, the current training is more scientific and more systematic.

Lang Ping inherited time management from Yuan Weimin: he grasped every minute of training class and concentrated on learning and experience like a sponge absorbing water.

During the training, she often stops to correct the technical movements of the team members, and sometimes she has to go off to demonstrate herself.

Lang Ping guides Li Yingying on the sideline

The gap between Li YingYing and her sisters made her walk on thin ice. She didnt want to drag her feet. After all, each player represents not himself, but the Chinese womens volleyball team.

Carrying such a psychological burden, people suffocate the tension everywhere. When the score is glued, even if sitting on the bench, Li Yingying is also tightly wrapped up in tension.

As she prepared to play, she felt all the lights coming in and her legs couldnt help shaking.

When Lang Ping arranged the tactics, he couldnt listen to anything and his mind was blank.

The attack is blocked, the free throw is out of bounds, a pass is wrong, and the block is not effective. Li Yingying feels that her brain is not enough for a moment.

A few days later, Li Yingying suffered a greater blow.

Against Poland, she scored the highest 19 points, but made 18 mistakes. The womens volleyball team lost the game.

The rookie who makes mistakes is always scolded. At the press conference after the game, Lang Ping criticized her without any formality: Li Yingying has participated in this kind of competition for the first time. There are many loopholes in the technical links, so we should make up for them. We cant close the door and feel how good the Chinese League is. In fact, as soon as many players get to the international level, the gap is very big

Lang Ping guides Li Yingying on the sideline

Click the send button, Li Yingying in the heart very uneasy, do not know what Lang guidance will say again.

I thought it had been turned over, but I didnt expect that at the teams summary meeting the next day, 18 mistakes were mentioned in public again. Li Yingying felt like she wanted to find a place to drill in.


When the old womens volleyball team reached the top of the world, it relied on the unbearable devil training. The so-called bleeding and sweating do not shed tears, skin and meat do not fall behind.

Every day training more than 10 hours, a morning to serve 100 balls, buckle 200 balls, cushion 300 balls, must be completed with high quality, or not allowed to eat.

Lang Ping recalled that at that time, he thought that this kind of training intensity, biting teeth can last ten days, if you do this every day, who can stand it?

She was once hit in the face by male partners spiking: its not painful, I feel my face is bursting, my pupils are enlarged, and Im smashed into concussion.

In order to exercise the sense of teamwork, Yuan Weimin stipulated that if any team member fails to complete the task, others should wait together. Once, Zhu Lings spiking training was not up to the standard. She broke down and cried on the ground until three oclock in the morning. Zhou Xiaolan in order to strengthen the block, enhance leg strength, meticulously practice quiet squat, from the beginning of four or five minutes, practice to more than 20 minutes.

Lang Ping, who was still a rookie at that time, often ate Xiaozao, practiced smashing 300 times in the morning, noon and evening, and often got numb in his arms.

Now, Li Yingying is the new person who has been trained.

Before the Asian Games, Li Yingying got up at 7:30 every day and practiced one and a half hours. Then she began normal training with other sisters.

In addition to one pass, serving training was once a KPI that Li Yingying had worked hard to accomplish.

According to the requirements, one point will be given if the ball is sent to the designated area, and one point will be deducted if the ball is not completed.

At that time, Li Yingyings technical movements were unstable, and her service was like a roller coaster, which was difficult to reach the standard. Always the last to finish, let her fall into a breakdown, often practice while crying.

This is not the first time that Li Yingying feels unable to persist. When I first arrived in Tianjin, I washed my face with tears every day. I called my mother for comfort. I fell asleep with tears and cried for a whole year.

There is no easy word in the adult world. Which woman volleyball girl has not experienced the collapse moment and cried to doubt life? After crying enough, wipe away the tears, still have to bite teeth to continue to practice, there is no retreat to speak of.

In any team, unable to communicate effectively is a fatal defect, especially in volleyball. Lang Ping asked Li Yingying to shout on the field, but she was more used to reciting in her heart that the ball was mine.

Li Yingying finally found the tree hole where she could confide in her heart. Sometimes the night talk between the two sisters lasted until one or two oclock in the morning.

Sister Xiaotong, isnt it too bad for me? When can I catch up? Am I just a loophole on the court

Dont you just open your mouth and say something about it? Can my sisters still eat me?

Two years of national team experience, Li Yingyings progress is visible to the naked eye, but she believes that her biggest change is still the mentality.

At the beginning, Li Yingying was very concerned about other peoples opinions and often searched her name on the Internet. Netizens criticisms and criticisms were like thorns, which made her fall into self blame.

After the bloody experience of the Internet, she simply threw away the psychological burden, regardless of what others said, as long as she tried her best.

When she won the world cup, Li Yingying no longer paid attention to the comments on the Internet, because she knew that after winning the championship, they were all praises, and they didnt have much value.

Zhu ting and Li yingying

Now, even if the fans say that she plays badly and only gives Zhu ting a pair of shoes, Li Yingying can face up to all the sharp criticisms, which she regards as encouragement and encouragement.

Of course, the biggest spur on Li Yingying is the No. 12 shirt, which is a lucky number.

Li Yingying is very excited. Wearing this number, she is a little closer to her idol. At the same time, she also feels LANGPINGs expectation for her, which is heavy.

After winning the Asian Games champion in 2018, Li YingYing and Lang Ping took a photo

Since childhood, Li Yingying has a dream to represent the national team in the Olympic Games. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics has delayed her dream plan for another year. She said: its hard to have a day without a match and it makes people feel like they have no hope.

After two years of hard work, Li Yingying has more confidence to discuss her own gap.

If she had been ten points worse than her sisters before, now she felt that she had shrunk to six or seven points. Of course, she was still the last one to run 800 meters.

Li Yingying, the main attacker of Tianjin Womens volleyball team, was awarded the most valuable athlete in the volleyball super award ceremony in 2017-2018

As for whether she can become the leader of the Chinese womens volleyball team in the future, Li Yingying doesnt think too much about it. Before becoming a thigh, she should not hold back. She just wants to break through herself, live in the moment and ride the waves with her sisters. Source of this article: Li Siming, responsible editor of Netease Sports_ BJS2696