Li Qin: who won the Star Contest of the double festival of film and Film Festival?

 Li Qin: who won the Star Contest of the double festival of film and Film Festival?

Since the end of September, various large-scale activities can be described as continuous: the Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival, the flying sky awards award ceremony, CCTV National Day & Mid Autumn Festival party, Hunan Satellite TV Mid Autumn Festival Party

You stars modelling is also immortal fight, Yi elder sister looks dazzled, everybody pays attention to? Sister Yi has been watching all the games. Those who dont pay attention to come to make-up lessons quickly

Meng Meiqi attended the Jinji Baihua Film Festival, wearing a black double breasted knitted suit coat with a half length pleated skirt of the same color, which is really good!

Fu Jing is wearing a plaid suit with a bow tie shirt, red lips and big wavy hair. Today is also a day to savor the beauty of Hong Kong Wind lady!

On CCTVs National Day party, Wan Xi wore a light fan suit with a satin Lapel Lapel drape design, bringing the song believe love will win, which is full of momentum.

Xu Weizhou, who sings believe love will win with Wanxi, is a dark gray casual wool suit with black velvet piping design, which is full of academic style.

In a classic suit, Wang Junkai attended the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award. The Pearl piece diamond at the neckline is exquisite and eye-catching.

With a marble suit and black lining, Wang Yuan appeared on CCTVs Mid Autumn Festival Gala, bringing the song rap hundred family names to pay homage to traditional culture.

Easy closing Qianxi black suit with the same color shirt, rivets at the collar and cuff make the overall shape stand out, and the personality is not dull. At the same time, congratulations to Xiaobei on winning the Best Newcomer Award and sending you a little red flower ~

With the song Wei Wei, Wu Lei is wearing a camouflage suit jacket and dark trousers, full of juvenile feeling.

In a dark blue suit and matching shirt, Cai Xukun boarded the National Day concert and brought the song mountains and rivers are safe in my chest. He is a fairy in fairyland with simple color matching and gentlemans demeanor!

This year, October 1, August 15 and the national day meet, in the rare occasion of double festival unity, many artists choose to change to China red ud83cudde8ud83cuddf3 The dress is beautiful and full of vitality.

Chinese red is a must for holidays

Zhu Yilong, dressed in a red lapel jacket with a black high collar, boarded CCTVs National Day Gala and brought the song upward light to wish his mother a happy birthday

Guan Xiaotong, who sang homecoming with Mr. Liao Changyong, showed up in a red flash diamond dress at CCTVs Mid Autumn Festival party. Her skirt was full of embroidered flowers, just like a carps tail.

Li Qinliang brings the song Hello 2020 to CCTV National Day concert, wearing a red ribbon tailed dress, surrounded by Fairy Spirit, is even the beauty of envy of the sun! Sister Yi really envies ~

Ouyang Nana sang my motherland at the CCTV National Day party. Her red dress is elegant and sweet. Can Nabi teach sister Yi how to bring her own fairy filter!

Meng Meiqi wears a red gauze skirt with a diamond belt and neck ornament, which is romantic and elegant.

With two different red dresses, Han Xue appeared on CCTVs national day and Mid Autumn Festival Gala with full charm.

As a common player in spring, soft pink purple is also popular in cool autumn this year. Not only do stars wear it, but you can also try to match it to add a bit of softness to this autumn.

The fairies and fairies have worked hard

As the winner of the star sea project, Kong Xueer appeared at the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award Film Festival. She wore a pink and purple gradual yarn skirt and retro curly hair, just like a heroine coming out of a cartoon

Zhou Dongyu attended the Golden Rooster and Baihua Film Festival with a light purple open back and gauze shed skirt. Congratulations to duck duck on winning the best actress award!

All in a lilac suit, Li Yifeng attended the CCTV National Day party and sang the anti epidemic song you are well, Im all right

In a light pink suit and white shirt, Li Wenhan attended the CCTV National Day concert, singing I have an appointment with 2035, which is as refreshing as salt soda in summer

Tang Liya boarded the National Day concert with CAI Xukun to sing mountains and rivers are safe in my chest. She wore a pink purple gauze skirt, elegant and soft. It turns out that beauties kill by their faces!

(Yang Zi, dressed in a pink ruffled open shoulder dress, boarded CCTVs National Day party and sang with Zhu Yilong on the light of Zhengneng

Kuan Xiaotong, dressed in a red taro purple hollow Petal Dress, appeared in the CCTV National Day Gala chorus Wei

Jiang Shuying is wearing a purple and pink glitter Diamond Dress, elegant chiffon and delicate makeup. It is really a beauty kills without a knife, but it is full of soul and soul..

Zhang Tianai appeared at CCTV National Day Gala to sing I hope people will last long. Her pink feather skirt is romantic and sweet. Whose Fairy Book is it that makes the princess run out!

In addition to the hot colors and collocations mentioned above, in order to win the first prize in the match match contest in the Mid Autumn Festival, artists have come up with killer maces, which make Yi Jies eyes full of colorsu2014u2014

Beauty is over

Together, tfboys attended the CCTV National Day party and brought the song Young China. The three wore the same series of printed shirts and silk belt trousers to show the chic and gentlemanly demeanor of young adults.

Zhao Xiaotang attended the Golden Rooster and Baihua Film Festival in a brilliant retro deep V long dress.

Tang Liya dressed up in two light blue gauze dresses to attend the Golden Rooster and Baihua Film Festival. Whether its a fishtail skirt or a starlight Cape one-piece dress, Yaya interprets it as elegant and romantic.

Dilireba attended the CCTV National Day party to sing good son, good girl, good home. She wore a gradient printed dress, bold and interesting color contrast. She is a beautiful and charming fairy.

Angelababy wore a diamond gilded skirt with exquisite Sequin embroidery and diamond earrings to attend the CCTV National Day party. No matter how gorgeous jewelry can not be compared to the peerless face, even if only one day, Yi Jie also want to live with this face!

Fu Jing is dressed in a white cake gauze skirt, just like a wild white rose growing in the desert, wanton and romantic ~

{Li Yuchun showed up at CCTV mid autumn party and led the whole audience to jump up priceless sister, wearing a black gold Xiangyun embroidered skirt, retro and noble, highlighting the unique edge of spring!

Fan Chengcheng and r1se Ren Hao are more special. They made micro films on the mid autumn night of Hunan Satellite TV, no matter whether it is the naive little wolf dog Lin Bumianu2014u2014

Muddleheaded look is also too lovely!

Brother is wonderful! Act more!

Or is it Wang can, a senior high school basketball schoolu2014u2014

Wang u00b7 kill with face u00b7 can online do not write papers

Let everyone see the possibility of them as new actors, looking forward to the future development of brothers!

At the end of several consecutive starry parties, sister Yi felt a rare sense of Emptiness: it will be a long time before we can see the stars competing for beauty next time! (Lentinus edodes)

Are you satisfied with the answers handed in by the artists in this dress competition? In fact, no matter what style, as long as you have beautiful love bean face, is it not fashionable?

I wish you can be like the spring song singing, maintain a unique edge, do their own priceless treasure!

Second, no one dares to be the first. Who is rubbing the heat of whose? Guccis partnership with the north face is what kind of immortal combination blacklink is! By the major luxury brands see this article source: Netease fashion responsibility editor: Liu Qianyi_ NB12476