The worst love triangle: a 40 year old desperate housewife and stepdaughter fall in love with the same man

 The worst love triangle: a 40 year old desperate housewife and stepdaughter fall in love with the same man


Ferris wheel (2017, USA)

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In fact, Im not very fond of Woody Allens films. In his films, men are scum and cowardly, and women are stupid and crazy. Woody Allens perspective is also full of bitterness.

The story itself is a bosom friend. The middle-aged couple who reorganize their families are united because they support each other and go through the most difficult years. There is no such thing as love between them.

As a result, his wife Ginny cheated on a new years fresh meat Mickey. Her physical joy stimulated her yearning for love. She longed to elope with her lover and change her life.

Unexpectedly, the daughter of Ginnys husband and his ex-wife suddenly appeared, disrupting all this. Mickey, the lover, and his stepdaughter began dating each other, forcing Ginny to the brink of collapse.

Where will Ginny go? Will lovers and stepdaughters fall in love as they wish? But with more spoilers, you can enjoy the ending of the movie.

The reason why this film is recommended is not because of the story of dog blood, but because Kate Winslets blind, short-sighted and impulsive woman into love, she plays with fire in her own way.

Perfect as a slap in the face to wake up those who are also blind and impulsive and playing with fire.

Love Peach Blossom Land in secret (1992, Taiwan, China)

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Lai Shengchuans drama secret love of Peach Blossom Land can be rated as a classic. Huang Lei, Yuan Quan, he Jiong and Xie Na have all played.

This play is also one of the must see plays for literary and artistic youth. Unfortunately, every performance is hard to get a ticket and the ticket price is not cheap. I saw it in the theater 10 years ago and I still remember it.

If you cant go to the theater to review the play in a short time, its recommended to watch the movie version. Its the same story. My personal feeling is that the film is presented more completely and delicately.

In fact, the play of secret love and Peach Blossom Land is divided into two parts, which are parallel and intertextual.

Lets talk about the part of secret love. Liu and Yunzhi, who are young lovers, love each other sincerely and poetically. However, they have been displaced due to the war and have not met each other.

Several decades later, Jiang binliu was seriously ill and knew that his time was running out. He published a notice to find someone in the newspaper. The picture of Yun Zhifan was still young.

They met again in the ward, by the time they were both late.

Have you ever thought about me these years? Liu asked ,

This is the climax of the play, and two classic lines have been handed down to this day. He thought about her, and she waited for him.

Have you thought about me all these years? Who does this line remind you of?


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In my heart, one of the family movies between my grandparents and grandchildren is Grandmas home in South Korea. It may also be due to personal experience. I used to cry in the cinema to help the wall, but now I still dare not watch it for the second time.

So, before watching dont tell her, I was already doing psychological construction for myself. I was afraid that it would be too emotional. Fortunately, it was classified as a comedy movie, and I was relieved.

The structure of the story is very simple. The grandmother of a Chinese family was diagnosed with cancer, but the family chose to hide her and let all the family go home to see her grandmother for the last time under the guise of a wedding. Her granddaughter, Billie, who grew up in New York, returned home and staged a family comedy of seeking roots.

This film is full of joy, and there are many passages that make people laugh. Compared with the same type of films, the way of expressing family feelings is more restrained, but it leaves more space for thinking.

At the end of the story, before the granddaughter and her grandmother separated, the old man gave her granddaughter a red envelope. She told her, this money is not for you to pay rent, but for buying things you like. Such a simple admonition still makes my eyes wet.

The background color of kinship is like this, not gorgeous and dazzling, but thick and simple.

Wallflower boy (2012, USA)

Wallflower boy is well-known, with a Douban score of 8.0. The reason why I didnt watch it for so long is that its a film about adolescence, because I feel a little far away from my age and Im afraid I cant empathize.

But this is another movie that hesitates before watching and really fragrant after watching it.

The protagonist is a high school student. He has experienced almost all adolescent setbacks: his aunt died to buy him a birthday present, his best friend committed suicide, he was ostracized and bullied by his classmates, and he didnt respond to his single love.

Despite the hardships, but the story is not bitter, Charlie met a good teacher, but also made two friends who really accepted him.

Through the connection with them, Charlie understood that only by really participating in life, instead of just watching, can the picture of life unfold slowly.

The soundtrack also added a lot of points to the movie. Three good friends drove out of the car window and yelled out the window, we have infinity. this is my favorite passage.

Adolescence is over, but the exploration of self and the cognition of the world have never stopped. Even if you are 30 years old, watching this film is not out of date and still touching.


Lies (2014, Korea)

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The translation of the movies name into lies really weakens its charm. Another way to translate it is guilty and proud is more appropriate.

The film is about a young girl who lives with her sister, because of vanity, because of inferiority, but also because of their own rejection, with a lie to weave their own life in the eyes of others.

She bought a high price refrigerator that she could not afford, just to enjoy the feeling of being respected and envied by the waiter, but she would return the refrigerator when she turned around;

She showed off to her colleagues that her fiance was rich and generous, so she did not hesitate to invite everyone to dinner. Finally, she did not have money to pay for the bill. She called everywhere for help;

Even in the face of her own boyfriend, she refused to disclose. Her mother, who was hardly in contact with each other, and her elder sister who was addicted to alcohol, were all hidden by the female owners with lies.

Will her boyfriend ignore her lies and put an end to the past? Will the heroine change her habit of lying and face her life sincerely?

The ending of the movie is more wonderful than any ending you can think of.


Kijiros summer (1999, Japan)

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Although summer is over, kijiros summer has been with me for many years.

The first time I saw kijiros summer, I was only 20 years old. In order to pay homage to Kitano, I saw all its films, but this one didnt leave a deep impression. When I saw it again the year before last, I felt deeply impressed.

Its a film about growing up that I didnt understand until 10 years later.

The synopsis sounds boring. Its a middle-aged man and a little boy who is not related by blood.

In this middle-aged man no matter how it seems to be named greasy, it is very rare that the kizilong actually deduces a child full adult.

Kijiro loves to gamble, has a bad temper and is idle, while the little boy has good manners.

Along the way, adults bully children, always two people could have a smooth journey to a variety of helpless and bad situation, but it is also in a variety of bad episodes, Zhengnan experienced the most unusual summer vacation.

Ten years ago, I thought it was a youth film about the memory of a little boy. Now, ten years later, I understand that this film is actually very adult.

He is more about the growth and experience of a man. The fetter between people is a delicate fate. Two people of different ages collide with each other and they are changing and growing up.

It may be a little deliberate to say its warm, but its funny, and its a little superficial.

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