Have you ever missed someone you love?

 Have you ever missed someone you love?

I know that sometimes you dont want to say it, but you have a lot of concerns. Maybe you are afraid that the person you like doesnt like you. You cant even be friends after you say it out. Maybe you are afraid of rejection, so you would rather keep this secret in your heart forever. Maybe you think the other person is too good, you want to wait, and when you are good enough, stand in front of him.

We are all like this, like a person, usually self-confidence and reason will disappear, we become sensitive and fragile, also become rigid and timid.


Have you missed something important?

Soon the group began to talk. Some people said, yes, last week, because of indecision, they missed a favorite skirt. Others said, yes, they once missed a very rare job opportunity because they were not confident enough.

The final answer is mu mu, she said: yes, how can there be no, clearly so like the person, missed, there is no way to come again.

But she worked hard, only to get the news that the boy was working abroad. Later, Mu Mu knew that she had a chance. In fact, the boys were also interested in her, but they didnt say anything about it.

In this way, a relationship secretly hidden in the heart, and then has been silent, thinking that sooner or later there will be a chance. However, no one thought that silence in return for only missed. Once some people leave, they will never meet again; once some feelings are missed, there is really no way to have them.

But if we knew it would be like this earlier, would we be braver?


I saw this comment backstage two days ago:

Ive been in love with her for a long time. On the day I graduated from college, I wrote I like you on the Rubiks cube and gave it to her. After two days, she suddenly appeared in front of me, with the restored cube in her hand and looked at me with red eyes. At that time, I knew that she liked me, too. Weve been together for three years now. Fortunately, I didnt give up.

Every time I see such a beautiful ending, I will be very happy. It is probably our wish to have lovers. But we also know that not all the people who like each other can be together in the end.

Yes, love needs fate, but that doesnt mean you just need to stand where you are and love will come to you by yourself. Fate, we can not change, but many times, you can also take the initiative to create and seize opportunities.

Gu Cheng wrote a poem called avoid, the poem said: you say, you dont love planting flowers, because you are afraid to see the flowers wither, so, in order to avoid the end of everything, you refuse all the beginning.

I think, love a person, in addition to making us sensitive and timid, but also should give us a kind of strength, a force that can make us brave and firm.

Love a person, you have to say it, because there are so many sleepless nights, so many heart beating moments, so many days and nights that make life different because of liking a person, are all real. Even if you cant be together at last, at least its an account for yourself.


There is a line in Wuwen Xidong that says: we have so many young days. With the passing of time, no matter how many unknown youth will become known, they are as thin as cicada wings and thick on the ground.

Time will not wait for others. If you like it, you should be brave. So dont be afraid, try to love it. I hope you can love the person you want to love as soon as possible, and you can live an ideal life.

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