Lin Zhiling, 45, was hospitalized in an emergency. Her feelings attracted attention again: what happened to her after she married her husband, who was 8 years old?

 Lin Zhiling, 45, was hospitalized in an emergency. Her feelings attracted attention again: what happened to her after she married her husband, who was 8 years old?

In the entertainment industry, female stars over 25 years old and with few works are destined to be forgotten.

I dont believe you think about it. Its been a long time since the florets in the memory of the Post-70s and 80s. Even Tang Yan and Yang Mi, who are known as the four florets, suddenly disappeared.

And she was an exception.

Shes 46 years old. Shes a model, and her acting skills are indescribable. However, as long as theres something wrong with her, shell be paid attention to. Even nothing happens. Her story is still circulating in the lake.

People always wonder whether the goddess is happy after marriage and whether she can get pregnant at such an age, which is more worrying than her parents.

If you look at the entertainment industry, you cant find another person with the same temperament as her. As the saying goes, the rarity is the most important thing. Thats all.

Her figure is perfect and her facial features are exquisite. From her debut to now, it seems that years have never left any trace on her face, just like her gentle baby voice, like a little princess in a castle.

However, she did not suffer from Princess disease. On the contrary, her emotional intelligence was very high. Whenever she appeared in public view, she was so elegant, decent and gentle, but she worked very hard at work.

Such a person, can only use one word to describe: perfect. It is not perfect like human beings, but like robot of the future, but it reflects the requirements and expectations of the times for women.


The worlds most beautiful creature is a late bloomer

Lin Zhiling was born in 1974. She was discovered by a star scout just after she graduated from junior high school. She began to study as a model. However, she went to the University of Toronto and majored in Western art history and economics.

In 1997, after graduation, I wanted to work as an ordinary staff member of the art museum, but I gave up because of insufficient education.

At this time, she happened to apply for further study in the Institute of Western art history, University of Toronto, and returned to her alma mater to continue her further study.

In 1998, during the long vacation, she played the role of Zhang Guorongs MV everybody, but it didnt make a big splash.

It was not until 2000, when her studies were officially over, that she formally entered the modeling industry and signed up with the kawaugh model agency, when she was 26 years old.

For a model, this is almost retirement age, but she still relies on her delicate face and good figure of 34C. At the same time, there are many female models with the same positioning as her, and they are gradually eliminated by the times. Only her way is wider and wider. All these are due to her insight, conversation, high EQ and classical temperament cultivated from childhood.

Therefore, what really made her popular was not her model identity, but her personality charm.

With more and more programs hosted by her, her elegant and sexy image has become more and more popular, especially her performance at the 41st Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award Ceremony in 2004, which once pushed her to the forefront of the storm, and even today, people still enjoy talking about it.

Wearing a gold dress with a bare back that day, she asked Andy Lau to give her a loving hug. She looked like a little girl, but her figure made people daydream. This move directly pulled the audience rating of the Golden Horse Award to the highest in history.

It can be said that how perfect she is, how unreasonable the questions she faces, and even many of them are groundless. However, she has never made a positive response, and she is still warm and gentle, and develops her own career slowly.

Since then, sister Zhiling has appeared more and more at the awards ceremony, such as the 40th Taiwan Golden Bell Award, the opening ceremony of Shanghai TV Festival, the 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival Award Ceremony, and the entertainment program Zhiyong Zhiyong electric power school co hosted with CAI Kangyong, she was selected as the best host of information variety in the 41st Taiwan Golden Bell Awards.

In 2007, Lin Zhiling began to play in the film and television industry. In the ancient costume war film Red Cliff directed by John Woo, she played the gentle, virtuous, strong and brave first beauty Xiao Qiao, which can be said to be her true color.

Since then, her works have been constantly produced, and her influence has been growing. She has also been on the stage of the Spring Festival gala for many times, which shows her recognition.

After a careful review of her films, TV programs and programs in the past 16 years since her popularity in 2004, we can see that she has never been just a vase, but she is very dedicated and hard-working. When she sees her face that seems to have never been hurt by years, she will be in a trance. Is this woman a fairy?

Especially in this era when the screen is full of vigorous and ambitious female masters, it is easy to submerge the quiet and good temperament of years.

A truly gentle person is not because she has never suffered, but because she has experienced the cruelty and hardship of life and can still maintain a sense of compassion, just like the Buddha.

This requires strong self-regulation and a firm heart.

When Wang Lin was carsick, other people were playing with their mobile phones and didnt notice at all, but she squatted down attentively to pick up vomit and comfort her.

Let people see that the goddess has never been an unattainable iceberg beauty, but has love in her heart, so she brings her own light. If you really have been treated with tenderness, you will understand that Lin Zhilings gentleness is a gift of years.


Late love

In her career, she was a late bloomer, and so was her love. Fortunately, years were gentle. Although she had been betrayed, she still believed in love.

Her love affair with Yan Chengxu should be well known. After all, how many 17 years of her life? If they get married and have children, their children will go to college, but they are not together in the end.

As you can see, she has been waiting for him, but he has been reluctant to escape.

According to media reports, when Lian Zhilings sister fell into the hospital after falling from a horse, he was also afraid of being photographed by the media and did not go to see her. At that time, they were in love.

After all, she is tired, and can bring a sense of security to her.

So, in 2019, after spending most of her life, she finally married a Japanese artist who was 8 years younger.

At the wedding, she wore a wedding dress full of pearls and hugged heize Liangping tightly. She was still very gentle, but she had more happiness and satisfaction.

On the wedding invitation, she wrote in delicate words: we are married, holding the hand of our son, and we will grow old together. Hope that everyone who believes in love and you can have their own happiness.

At that time, public opinion was in a state of uproar, and the malicious speculation against her was overwhelming.

But she, as before, still choose silence to deal with, while still quietly live their own small days.

However, for me, the most shining point of Zhiling sister is that she has a very clear and firm self-awareness.

In an interview with Xu Zhiyuan, he was asked the following question:

Some people say you always seem to be pandering to men. Some people say that you always speak without leakage. Its too fake. Arent you tired? Some people say that all this is imposed on you by others. It must be very disturbing. What do you think?

She fixed her eyes on Xu Zhiyuan and said without hesitation: no, this is the problem of the times, not mine, so it wont be.

Xu Zhiyuan was stunned and asked twice. She answered the same question.

Indeed, in this era, people always have a lot of bad conjectures about beautiful women. If she has independent thinking, she will feel that they are all show shows. In fact, it is just because they cant understand that women can be goddesses sometimes.

She is not only impeccable in appearance, but also in her heart.

So, if you ask me, isnt Lin Zhiling so tired?

Id like to say, why do you think its a fake? Isnt it normal to have self-discipline and self-cultivation?

Of course, everyone has the right to choose their own way of life, but also remember not to speculate on other peoples lives at will, because peoples realms can be very different.

However, if you want to live happily and have values, you must clearly find your own positioning and try to live according to your own ideas.

As sister Zhiling herself said: to be honest, I think the best role should be sister Zhiling.

Im not as beautiful as other women, and no one else is smart. I cant host better than others, and I cant act as well as others. But I think in the name of sister Zhiling, there is a mood that I want to be this sister and take care of everyone.

Wisdom is like her. She always knows where her ability boundary is and where her home court is. Therefore, she can be a gentle person no matter what others say.

Read a sentence: we live in an almost transparent space. In this space, individuals are extremely easy to be submerged by public discourse. Everyone looks at a person with his own prejudice and position. Many prejudices are enough to make a person confused and lose the ability to judge what he really is.

However, to find and fulfill ones own value is ones innate desire.

Sister Zhiling is not only a person, but also a symbol. She shows us how a woman surrounded by countless eyes can distinguish her social identity from her own intrinsic value, recognize herself, maintain herself and achieve herself.

This is really worth learning.

The most important thing is that she deserves to have a proper happiness, so are we!