Xi Jinping praised them. And also mentioned a dialogue that moved China as a whole

 Xi Jinping praised them. And also mentioned a dialogue that moved China as a whole

Tens of thousands of China Women China, novel coronavirus pneumonia, is the most critical moment for China to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It has interpreted the doctors benevolence with courage and hardship, and has been safe and healthy in the mountains and rivers.

China advocates

Help women get rid of the impact of the epidemic

Let gender equality come true

We should eliminate prejudice, discrimination and violence against women, and let gender equality truly become the code of conduct and value standard followed by the whole society.

Promoting women to be at the forefront of the times

We should uphold the protection of womens rights and interests in development, improve womens livelihood through development, and realize the synchronous development of womens undertakings and economic and social development.

Strengthen global cooperation in womens cause

China supports the United Nations to give priority to womens work, increase investment in eliminating violence, discrimination, poverty and other old issues, and do something to solve new challenges such as the gender digital divide, so as to make womens goals the early harvest of the 2030 agenda.

Equality between men and women is Chinas basic national policy.

The gender gap in compulsory education has been basically eliminated, and more than 40% of the employed people are women.

Five years ago, the initiative to hold a global womens summit and put forward a series of global cooperation initiatives have been fully implemented.

In the next five years, China will contribute another 10 million US dollars to UN womens program.

China proposes to hold another global womens summit in 2025.