Ding Tailis comment on SA Dingding Zhou Shens left hand pointing to the moon: its boring to play tricks

 Ding Tailis comment on SA Dingding Zhou Shens left hand pointing to the moon: its boring to play tricks

Left hand pointing to the moon by SA Dingding and Zhou Shen (source: Netease Entertainment)

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Ding Taisheng and Liu Wei meet each other: one is a keyboard man, the other is a variety show buff

On the evening of September 10, Ding Taisheng, a music critic, commented on the latest issue of the summer of the band 2. Ding Taisheng pointed out that Liu Wei was a boring variety artist.

He said that Liu Weis group was the worst of the show, and even one of the worst performances of all the variety shows in China. He also Tucao: this kind of singing is not good, writing is not good, funny and not funny, one stage even make complaints about the stage, how can it be old? Blind?!

On September 11, Liu Wei responded to Ding Taishengs comments on him. He said that his variety show was not funny because he spent most of his time singing and dancing. And Liu Wei also said that even if people dont like his music, he is still willing to do it. Music should not be made to make others like it.

At the end of the article, Liu Wei said: for unsuccessful me, what I need most is professional correction. However, you only expressed your attitude with the keyboard, and did not use the professional to point out the direction for me. This paragraph seems to be saying that Ding Taisheng is a keyboard fighter. He can only talk about it, but he cant give any substantive opinions when he really gives opinions.

After that, Ding Taisheng sent an article to respond to Liu Wei. He still thought Liu Wei was a variety show hunk, and it was because his poor performance proved that people who love bands are not deaf, those who understand music are not deaf, and you are all sober.

Ding also said he had no obligation to point out the direction for him.

After the conversation, Fan Li, Liu Weis good friend, made a voice to support Liu Weis music dream.

Fan Li said: Liu Wei is a person I have known for so many years and really loves music. No matter where he goes, he has to put on the stereo and listen while he jumps. Music is his refuge. Music makes him find himself. Music is his friend. I also asked him why he still insists on making physical records and making songs even in the recession of the industry He said that he likes it. Even if he pays the money back, he has to do it. Its a big deal to get tired and work more.

Fan Li supports Liu Wei. The derogatory term variety buff is a kind of trampling on variety artists, because one stage will demote people to dust and deny all his past. Lets comment on it.

Actor Li Jiahang also showed the resume of Ding Taisheng as a variety judge, pointing out that he was a music critic.

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