How does hypertension destroy a person step by step?

 How does hypertension destroy a person step by step?

The first step that hypertension attacks the body is blood vessels.

A normal healthy blood vessel is smooth and elastic, like a rubber band. High blood pressure will impact the blood vessels, the higher the blood pressure, the greater the impact on the blood vessels, making them abnormal deformation; the long-term effect of hypertension will damage the intima of blood vessels, and form scar like hyperplasia at the damaged parts, which will thicken the vascular wall and narrow the blood vessels; the narrower the blood vessels, the higher the blood pressure, the more vulnerable the vascular walls will be.

After the vascular wall is damaged, the components in the blood will drill in from the damaged place, hide under the intima of the vascular wall, and the blood vessels will appear one by one small mass. As time goes on, the blood vessels are covered with bags, and the eyes are full of pimples, just like cooked millet porridge. This is the legendary atherosclerosis. These bags are called plaques. The longer the plaque is, the bigger the plaque is. It can directly block the blood vessels.

If the blood vessels can not pass through enough blood vessels, the various organs that the blood is supposed to go to will appear ischemic symptoms.

In addition to vascular damage, it can also cause four major complications, such as heart disease, cerebral infarction, kidney disease and fundus lesions.

However, the coronary artery is not able to provide enough blood for the hypertrophic myocardium, which leads to ischemic symptoms, which is the source of angina pectoris. The heart muscle cannot get enough blood to maintain the heart beat for a long time, which will cause heart failure.

When the blood flow blocks the cerebral artery, it will cause a large area of brain cell death, cerebral infarction will come.

A suck of days and months multiplying the kidneys will cause kidney failure. If the kidneys are blocked, a piece of kidney cells will die of starvation. The kidneys will be damaged and the kidneys will not be able to exert any effect. This is the hypertensive nephropathy and may eventually develop into renal failure.

The blood vessels in the eyes are dense and nourish a large number of retinal cells. These blood vessels are originally thin, then become hard and narrow. Large areas of retinal cells are starved to death, and vision is reduced. If too many retinal cells go offline, you lose sight.

To avoid the occurrence of these complications, there is a way, that is, early detection, early control.

Therefore, sister Daxian reminds you that your friends with high blood pressure must remember to measure their blood pressure regularly, take medicine on time, and also remember to limit salt and weight loss, exercise more, quit smoking and limit alcohol.