From the perfect holiday, still need this matter | natural and unrestrained book list

 From the perfect holiday, still need this matter | natural and unrestrained book list

Because you cant get rid of the original performance and the track will turn into another car in an instant. You have your own power, direction, performance, especially inertia.

To run faster and faster, you have to change wheels while youre driving. Yes, change wheels. You want to change the engine, the seat, the shell and even the brand, but its a complicated project.

You have a long way to go, but you have to live in the present and see how to change the wheels in the process of driving. We need to be evolution, not revolution. Only in the long years, the same as the same, in order to open faster and faster.

Today, I carefully selected the third quarters private book list for you. Dont forget to set aside time to be alone and charge yourself.

Today is Sunday, July 5, 2020.

The reason is that I made it together with my team this year. At that time, I read and learned a lot about diet. So when I saw the contents related to nutrition, food and biology, I had a conditioned reflex and wanted to learn it. Finally, when I was tired of reading other literature books, I read this kind of popular science books.

And I found that for popular science content, it is especially suitable to input only a small knowledge point every day, and then practice this learning rhythm in life. It will not be boring, remember firmly, and be able to apply what you have learned.

Then I also recommend students to read some popular science books. As long as you master your own reading rhythm, you will find that this kind of content is very interesting and practical. Over time, you can learn a lot of knowledge.

Today is Saturday, July 18, 2020.

This weekend, I will continue to prepare and record the contents of the 100 day writing plan, and ask about reading, drawing and exercising according to the plan at home. This year, because of the epidemic, the time spent going out on weekends has been greatly reduced, but we can still feel great happiness at home because we can immerse ourselves in the things we really love.

Wang Shuo wrote a sentence in a letter to his daughter, which I quite agree with: you must be rich in your heart to get rid of these superficial similarities in life. Im very happy to see ask to find what she loves at this stage, painting. Whenever she is immersed in the flow of her own art, I will marvel at the tremendous creativity in her small body.

If the students have found what they really love, the weekend is the best time to immerse themselves deeply and feel the profound happiness.

Share a book that I like very much, the source, this great book. The hero of the book, Locke, has a strong willpower and executive power. He always knew what he was going to do, and he focused on his goal. He did not fear anything. He took persistent action and insisted on his architectural dream.

He is one of the few people who sticks to his principles, focuses on his goals and implements them. There is a passage in the book:

In each generation, only a few people can fully understand and realize human talent, while the rest betray it. But it doesnt matter. It is these very few people who push human beings forward and make life meaningful. What I have always sought is to pay tribute to these few people. The rest of them have nothing to do with me; they are not going to betray me, nor the fountainhead. What they want to betray is their own soul. It is recommended for students to read.

Today is Monday, July 20, 2020.

Students, today, I would like to share with you a legendary woman: the female pilot she loves all her life - beryl Markham.

I believe everyone is very excited to hear the words female pilot. If this is a rare life, beryl Markham is one of the very few. She is not only the first person to fly from Africa to England, but also the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from England to North America alone. She completed the challenge in 1936. She was driving a wooden propeller aircraft. She encountered a mechanical failure and completed a 21 hour 25 minute flight alone with the engine on and off. No one had done it before her.

In addition to her role as a pilot, she was also an excellent horse trainer. She started to run a farm on her own at the age of 18. She was the first woman in Africa to get a license as a horse racing trainer. After her flight, she returned to Africa again to accompany the horse racing until she died. It can be said that Markham has been addicted to the things he loves all his life, and he is a free and brave, lonely and determined person.

Finally, I would like to share a sentence in her memoir, the night flight to the West

If you have to leave the place where you once lived, loved and buried deeply, no matter how you do, dont leave slowly. You must leave and never look back. Dont believe that the past is better. They are dead. The past seems safe and easy to cross, while the future is hidden in the fog, which makes people look timid. But when you step into it, the clouds will disperse.

Today is Saturday, July 25, 2020.

The theme of unit 8 of the plan is: some things can only be written by you. It refers to interdisciplinary writing, which is very meaningful because you will be engaged in or indulge in a certain professional field, and you have a large amount of knowledge in the field, so you can be eloquent, bet on writing, and become unique. Agatha Christie, the protagonist we are going to talk about today, is a typical representative.

Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist in the world. The sales volume of her suspense works is second only to Shakespeare and the Bible in the book distribution history! Her students must have heard of her works, such as the murder of the Orient Express and nobody survived. In recent years, she initiated the game based suspense plot which is very popular in film and TV plays.

The film of the same name no one survived

How did Agatha write a lot of wonderful suspense works?

First of all, its related to her character. She was very dark since she was a child. Her husband also played and disappeared after cheating. It took the whole UK 10 days to find her. Secondly, the most important point is that Agatha was a medical worker during World War I, and she had a special research on drugs (especially poisons). Therefore, in her works, the description of using poison techniques is very accurate, and the murderers crime design is various. She also loved to travel around the world, so she wrote murder novels that happened all over the world.

Agathas life doesnt sound like ups and downs, but wonderful works must be inseparable from the wonderful life. Agatha has great passion for life, has a clear understanding of her talents and can make good use of them. She never gives up her dream and goal. This is amazing in itself. Besides, she has become the queen of suspense novels. Students can take advantage of the weekend to see her books or adapted films and TV plays. They can also think about whether they can transfer knowledge and become a slash youth like Agatha!

Today is Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

There is a notebook writer in Japan, who is also an expert in making accounts. He always keeps using his notebook to record whether he is working or interested. He also wrote a book called Complete Guide to travel manual account. There is a very reasonable saying: travel is not worth recording because it is interesting, but it becomes interesting after recording.

As early as possible, the cultural and creative team has also designed a travel manual, in which the map of the world and the map of China are on the inside, which is convenient for searching destinations and planning routes;

There is also a list of dream travel and the first stop on the list, which can record the places we dream to go and tick the marks of places we have been to, so that the travel track can be clearly seen and where we are going next;

Before departure memo, travel list, shopping list, clothing list, with these, carry items at a glance, do not rush before departure;

Finally, we designed a travel record. We can record what we saw and what we saw during our trip at any time. After that, we can have different fun and memories when we look at the travel recorded in the account.

Although we cant travel far because of the epidemic situation and other reasons, as Aoye xuanzhi said, its not only spending a lot of money to go abroad. As long as we start from home and walk around from the perspective of tourists, we can also find interesting and novel things around us. Students can also sort out photos of previous trips, harvest a beautiful memory, or design for themselves or their families Planning a future travel plan is also something to look forward to.

Today is Saturday, August 1, 2020.

To live, to struggle, to love our life, to love all the joys and sorrows of life, is a kind of realization. The fullness of life is always there and everyone can get it.

Betty Smith, a famous American novelist and playwright, has written more than 70 plays and four novels in her life. The book recommended today, there is a tree in Brooklyn, is Bettys first work. The protagonist Francy and the author have similar life experience. Their family is poor, their life is hard and their life is rough. But Francy still has a dream, persevere and strong, and goes to university with his own efforts and changes his fate.

Today is Sunday, August 23, 2020.

People should have their own expectations, have their own evaluation criteria, and should live to see themselves, not to others.

The above sentence I read comes from the book the courage to be hated. The thought of psychologist Adler runs through the whole book. The content of the book is composed of five night dialogues between philosophers and young people. They have made a series of in-depth discussions on interpersonal relations, life choices, sources of happiness, self-worth, relationship with others and the past, present and future time concept.

One of the viewpoints is particularly good. It says that each of us has his own subject, and everyones subject must be undertaken by himself, so is the task of others. We cant control it at all.

That is to say, how others evaluate us, like it or not, it is the subject of others, what we can do is to do ourselves well. Only when we have a correct understanding of ourselves and others and control the present, can we focus on nothing and move faster towards our goals. Interested students can find time to read.

Today is Sunday, August 30, 2020.

Today, I would like to recommend to you a movie that I recently watched very much, the fantasy world of Joe and Joe. The man in the Chinese version is voiced by the son of my good friend Tata. This is a black humor film about World War II. I will not reveal the plot of the film here. Interested students can watch it by themselves.


I love the immersive experience of watching movies. When the lights are dim and the big screen is on, you can watch a persons life in two hours. Good movies can change people. When the lights in the cinema are on again, you are not who you used to be, because you have learned strength, wisdom and courage.

You can also choose a good movie on the weekend, immerse yourself in it and experience another way of living. Of course, the more important thing is that besides the movie, we should also play this wonderful play of our own life to the full.

Today is Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

Morning diaries can be used to organize imperceptible, chaotic thoughts and emotions deep in your mind so that they dont bother you for the rest of the day. Those trivial, vague or pessimistic ideas will gradually become clear and even solved in the process of writing.

Elizabeth, the author of food, prayer and love, is also a lover of morning diaries. She once wrote in her morning diary countless times: I really want to learn Italian.

If students want to settle down and capture the stream of consciousness in their brains at the beginning of the day, writing a morning diary in the handbook is a good way.

Today is Saturday, September 12, 2020.

Come to todays book recommendation link, to recommend a book called resilience.

The book is the work of psychologist Rick Hansen and his son. They combine brain science, positive psychology and mindfulness meditation to come up with 12 tools to help us improve our resilience.

In fact, in our life, we will inevitably encounter some bad things. Among them, the ability to make us more and more brave and face difficulties is resilience. It is an important ability when we face setbacks. When setbacks attack, your attitude towards yourself determines your resilience.

In his book, Rick Hansen writes that the most important refuge in life is your faith in your own good inner world.

Today is Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Taylor Ben Shahar, a professor of positive psychology at Harvard University, discusses the theme of happiness in his book the method of happiness. He believes that the life mode can be divided into four types: busy, nihilistic, hedonism and happiness. Among them, he praised happy life.

He first answered the most basic question: what is happiness? Happiness is defined as the combination of happiness and meaning. Happiness is the benefit of the present, while meaning is the benefit of the future. I think thats consistent with the early values. The long-term doctrine advocated as early as possible is to make progress towards future achievements with the efforts of the present bit by bit. We both know where to go and how to get there.

Sometimes I get messages from some students saying that I want to work hard, but I often feel powerless. I feel that exercise and reading cant change my current predicament. The pain is still there. This may be the lack of motivation caused by the lack of a long-term goal. You should first think about what you want to achieve in your life and what kind of person you want to be.

If you cant think about your mission all at once, my suggestion is to choose something that has only advantages but no disadvantages. Take action first and think while doing it. Fitness and reading are such beneficial and harmless things.

Finally, Id like to share with you a reading method from the director of the Institute of cultural and creative research. Its called reading with your brain. In other words, you dont waste your time reading, but you still want to read it.

There are four steps:

First, when you see a book you want to read, you should immediately take a picture of the title of the book or write it down. In the process of reading, mark the reading progress of the book;

Secondly, write down the basic information of the book being read. If you like the author, continue to find other works of him by hand, so that you can quickly find the window for extended reading;

Third, after reading, extract some enlightening sentences, write down these sentences will have a time to think and digest, and can better understand the content and views the author wants to convey;

Fourth, you can mark your own ideas next to the paragraphs you are interested in, and express your true understanding of the book in words.

When you read a book thoroughly, it becomes a friend on the road with you. It is a refuge when you are sad, and you understand each other when you are happy.

Let this little holiday be enriched in reading!