Generally the following three situations, and you talk about money men, women must avoid

 Generally the following three situations, and you talk about money men, women must avoid

In the following three situations, women must avoid the men who talk about money with you. Follow Minglai to make an inventory. If you are unfortunate enough to meet them and dont kick them away, what else do you think?

The first: a man who wants to own your private property on the ground of starting a business

Mingyi believes that only men who rely on their own ability to start a business are worthy of respect and trust.

On the contrary, men who always ask for money from women for various reasons and always say that its not easy to start a business. Women must be suspicious for the first time and then avoid it without hesitation. You should know, what kind of business do men who cant even make money? Its just a lie about starting a business to cheat your money.

The second kind: the man who borrows money from you easily

He was out socializing, and he didnt have money to pay for the meal. He called to ask you to help.

He went back to his parents home, but he didnt have money to buy gifts for his parents, so he asked you to pay.

He bought a takeout outside, and asked you for help and sent out a red envelope.

What kind of man are you in love with? Love to drink full, but also to see whether the person in love is worth, a little bit of easy to open his mouth to borrow money from you, he has no other relatives and friends can help? But it is eating your mouth, please believe that he certainly does not love you.

Mingyi thinks that the man who loves you will never ask you to borrow money easily. What he wants to do is your hero. How can he be willing to lower his stature for a little money? But do not love, do not love will be shameless.

Lazy man, you give him wealth, you can also lose all.

A man who likes gambling, if you give him your heart, he may not like it more than money.

Always stingy and stingy man, you do not care about his stinginess, he will be more and more concerned about your money is not enough to spend.

Well, yes, such a man is a bad habit when he is small, but bad habit when he is big. When a man talks to you about money, a woman must avoid and kick him away and not be moved by his sweet words.