From Liu Yifei to Zhao Wei

 From Liu Yifei to Zhao Wei


Disneys most common, must be long shot, big scene. Only in this way can the magnificence of the battle be highlighted. The actors who have the foundation of dance are very good-looking in fighting. From Wang Yibo to Liu Yifei, that is an indisputable fact. The key is that Liu Yifei has destroyed her former immortal spirit. Almost naked make-up, and even deliberately play dirty and ugly. Liu Yifeis Hua Mulan has the state that a woman disguises as a man. Although, Hua Mulan is still too good-looking in the later stage. Originally also, beauty cant be hidden.


Although, I havent seen Liu Yifeis version of Hua Mulan. But I know that this is definitely not Hua Mulan in my impression. Disney seems to have too much persistence to Oriental women. However, the misunderstanding of Oriental Aesthetics cannot be avoided. The domestic film and television works are not the characters who did not restore the makeup at that time. Why dont you feel weird or even ugly when you look at it? Because, all of these are in line with our aesthetic standards. Even in ancient times, it was so beautiful. Sorry, Disney doesnt understand.


Liu Yifeis version of Huamulan is no longer Huamulan. Thats Hua Mulan in the eyes of Westerners. We cant accept such an image of Mulan. Secondly, the key is that the setting of the story will also have a choice. So, is it Hua Mulan that we are familiar with? I guess the main line cant be changed. But in the plot, it is more dangerous to be taken away. I have to find Zhao Weis version of Hua Mulan. I dont know how much the box office is and what the score is. But, I like this movie.

Xiaohu, Wentai and Mulan are the main characters with distinct personality and outstanding image. Xiaohu died for the country, Wentai gave up love, Mulan resigned and dismissed In the raging war, on the desert sand, there is a helpless lament! Wentai was originally Tuoba Hong, the seventh Prince of the great Wei Dynasty. How deeply he loved Hua Mulan, he still had to marry Princess Rouran. No matter whether he died or not, Mulan told me to live. She cant really be strong without cutting off her emotional ties.


For 12 years, the first thought I wake up every day on the battlefield is to think of you.

Because of you, I have the courage to open my eyes. Every day after that, it will be the same.


Sorry, its just Hua Mulans wishful thinking. Does Liu Yifeis version of Hua Mulan arrange her emotional destination? I dont know.

But Zhao Weis version of Hua Mulan (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) is a pity.

Some people say: if you leave home too far, you will forget your hometown; if you kill too many people, you will forget yourself. Die in the battlefield, life like rain into the earth, no trace. If at that time, you fell in love with someone. Hope will bloom again from the soil, warmly embrace life Thank you, Wentai.


The love between a child and a daughter is not as good as heroism. Hua Mulan, you really need an epic life