A womans greatest wisdom is not to buy a house, not to make friends, but

 A womans greatest wisdom is not to buy a house, not to make friends, but

Later, I met my husband at work, and we got married soon after falling in love, which is also called flash marriage.

When we got married, we didnt ask for betrothal gifts because of the general family background of his mother-in-law!

Husband is a soldier brother, is the pride of the whole family, mother-in-law often praise their son.

I have been working in a foreign company for four years. My income is not much, so I can barely make a living.

My son-in-law and his family always talk about this: my son lives in the country. In the system, other girls are thinking about my sons sweet cake.

I always show my superiority, but I forget that the house they live in is my fathers down payment before marriage.

Now, my son is six months old, still in the age of starvation, and needs my careful care.

I quit my job to prepare for the examination of public institutions. I was not very lucky. I didnt get one in the exam for half a year.

My husband often said that no matter how high my education background is, I wont earn as much as him. He will attack me in front of my mother-in-law. If there is anything I cant discuss with me, I will decide directly.

Although they are all highly educated people, in marriage, it seems that it is the same thing. The level of education and the level of accomplishment are totally different things.

He always has a sense of superiority and despises me for earning less than him.

The idea of divorce comes into my mind from time to time.

I also often think about whether our marriage is necessary, because womens happiness after marriage largely depends on their husbands.

It is often said that love makes people blind and makes people lose themselves.

Its true that those who are in love are often confused by the sweetness of love, only see the phenomenon, but ignore the examination of each other, and desalinate the material conditions.

Once the state of passionate love has passed and entered into marriage, you will often find that the other party is not as good as you imagined. Once the contradiction occurs, the feelings will naturally no longer be the same as before.

People who are suitable for themselves can avoid unnecessary conflicts in marriage, and only when they are with their loved ones can they be happy.

Marry late, divorce early, which is exactly the truth. It is a long process to know people.

Love is like a pair of shoes on both feet. Only those who wear them know whether they are comfortable or not.

Choose a pair of shoes suitable for yourself, in order to go further and reach the desired distance.

If you only pursue the appearance of gorgeous and visible brand, ignore the comfort of shoes, you will only make yourself uncomfortable.

Therefore, I also advise you girls not to suffer from unhappy love because of the envy of others.

Be loyal to yourself, but dont lose your loyalty.

Marriage is like gambling and rebirth for women.

What kind of partner you choose is equivalent to what kind of life you choose.

Xiaoxiao, a reader, told me that she had made great mistakes in her feelings. She didnt wake up until her youth was wasted for several years.

Xiaoxiao at the age of 24 met a boy who let her heart beat. It was the first boy who made her courage to love.

Xiaoxiao has never been in love, simply thought: the boy said he would break up with his girlfriend and stay with her.

This promise, she believed, but when the boy betrayed his girlfriend and was with him, almost all he thought about was the details of his girlfriend.

After the break-up, his ex girlfriend was so sad that he committed suicide. He immediately returned to his ex girlfriend, and their old relationship revived.

However, at this time, Xiaoxiao has been deeply involved in it, difficult to extricate themselves, until they married, Xiaoxiao did not want to give up.

That year, she was 27.

Thats what I want to tell you:

When the other party doesnt love you, dont struggle, learn to let go.

Women in marriage should let go when they should. When love has become a thing of the past, let it go.

If two people are really not suitable to continue, they should resolutely let go, and never force themselves or each other for not willing or unwilling.

Long pain is not as good as short pain, sunk cost will often become a hindrance to womens choice.

When love has become the past, let go, at least once had happy memories.

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