Nine years ago, Xidan girl, the singer of the Spring Festival Gala, has been in business for over 100 million yuan

 Nine years ago, Xidan girl, the singer of the Spring Festival Gala, has been in business for over 100 million yuan

Compared with being a singer, she realized a bigger dream and became a successful entrepreneur with a fortune of hundreds of millions.

Its not that her dream is upgrading, but that she has the courage to put down and come back.

It starts with her having nothing.

His father had an accident when he was young, his legs were disabled, his mother was mentally retarded, and he didnt even know his daughter.

She was brought up by her elderly grandparents. Xiao Yueli, who has no toys, only enjoys singing. As long as the music starts, she can quickly hum out the melody.

She came to Beijing, not too far away from home, with her parents on her back, with 300 yuan. The reason was that her elder sister said that working in Beijing was good for making money.

She first went to a small restaurant in Muxiyuan as a waiter. She ate everything and covered it. Only when she paid the bill at the end of the month, the landlady turned back and drove her out.

She got on the bus and came to Changan Street.

For the first time, she found that singing could make money. She thought of her talent when she was a child, so she wanted to try like them.

Who makes us cry / surprise us / let us fall in love like this.

After a piece of Xu Weis travel was sung, she couldnt help but burst into tears.

A boy stopped by for a long time. He handed over 10 yuan and said to her, you sing very well.

Ren Yueli was so dependent on singing that day she earned more than 70 yuan.

1 yuan of steamed bread and 1 yuan of pickled vegetables every day. Four steamed bread for 1 yuan is enough for me to eat for a day.

Ren Yueli rents a house in the far suburb

Later, she came to Xidans underpass at 7 oclock every day, played the 130 yuan used guitar and began her singing.

Xidan underpass is not her first choice. Before, she has been singing in Fuxingmen underpass, which is the territory of other singers. She has to wait in line every time and sing for up to two hours at a time.

She moved to Xidan only after a long time.

Xidan subway station source: Xinhuanet

On the ground is the most prosperous high-rise buildings in Beijing, with endless traffic. The three meter underground passage is the lowest threshold for Ren Yueli to survive in Beijing.

Her original dream of coming to Beijing was to support herself and share the pressure of her family.

In 2008, countless people sang in Beijings underground passage.

In this group of northern drift army, Ren Yueli is not so beautiful and equipped with simple equipment, which seems to be nothing special.

She just sang quietly.

There is no vicissitudes in the song, no skills, clean but clear, but give people a stop power.

More and more people came to listen to her singing. She was very happy that she could comfort her tired heart with singing. She thought it would be like this all her life.

Until a netizen named not me, not me secretly recorded her on DV, and on Christmas day, she put the singing video on the Internet.

In the age of no voice, no micro-blog, no knowledge, no live broadcast, Xidan underground passage girl tiktok angels wings and Xiao Shenyangs starring no money and Louis Lius magic show are the three most popular videos in February 2009.

Xiao Shenyang and Liu Qian made their debut in the 2009 Spring Festival Gala and became household names overnight.

So we cant help but wonder, who is Xidan girl?

In the video, Ren Yueli, wrapped in a down jacket, is singing a moving song in the Xidan underpass against the cold wind, and many moved netizens praise her.

Xidan girl has become one of the top ten celebrities on the Internet with numerous comments.

Soon, many reporters went to Xidan underpass with cameras to interview her. Soon after, many programs began to invite her to interview and sing.

It wasnt until May 2009 that a man named Dai Jun found her and told her that he had been a singer and that maybe she could become a singer.

Singer these two words, let in the reality she was at a loss, as if to hear some kind of call.

In that childhood when she didnt deserve to have a dream, she had a flash of thought about whether she could be like them.

In the audition, this rare and clean voice won the online pass and participated in the national finals together with the top five players in the Beijing competition area.

After the competition, she put on her guitar and went back to the underpass to sing her song again.

But she knew in her heart that she was no longer a singing girl. She liked to be a channel singer.

In 2010, CCTV decided to open a warm-up program for the most important Spring Festival Gala every year, so that more ordinary people could participate in it. So they called this interactive program similar to talent show I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala.

Ren Yueli appeared on the show. Or the guitar, or so clean singing, as in the first video shot, simple and pure, singing hesitation, singing sour, singing happy, also singing hope.

But this time she had a dream. Her dream was I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala.

She said it was a dream, because she thought it was very close but far away from her. When I came to the show, I called my dad. My father said, if we can go to the Spring Festival Gala, we will have smoke on our ancestral graves!

She said her fathers words with a smile after singing, but moved the host Dong Qing and director Lou Naiming to tears.

Together with the invitation, there is a pair of singers who are very similar to her situation.

The rising sun is strong

In 2010, Xuri Yanggang participated in the civilian talent show Avenue of stars on CCTV variety channel and won the runner up in the annual finals.

On the draft Road, they seem to go further than Xidan girls.

Whether its rising sun and masculine or Xidan girl, the audience seemed to have a strong preference for this inspirational story that changed from grassroots to stars without special background and identity, and without the packaging of brokerage companies.

We are moved by those simple and honest little people who have achieved success with their persistence and persistence in music. They also bring warmth and hope to more ordinary people with music dreams.

February 2, 2011, new years Eve.

How can I express my concern? Even if I call home, I still cant rest assured; how can I repay the fact that I have left home for several winters and summers, and my parents are already old. Take good care of my health...

She sings to all the 80s and 90s who are wandering like her, and also to their parents.

This stage is so big, and the person standing here is so small. This is Ren Yuelis comment on her performance in the Spring Festival Gala.

At the age of 23, she was able to tell everyone that her dream had come true on the biggest stage in China every year.

Her dream came true and her life went on.

Any star can not always be in the forefront of the storm, not to mention the impermanence of life, this kind of luck can not always have.

Vanity brought by fame and fans is impossible to maintain a long-term career.

And Ren Yueli, when her singing career was stagnant and her dream could not be realized, listened to her friends advice and went to do business. During her pioneering career, she also talked with Gree boss Dong Mingzhu about business experience. In 2015, Ren Yueli, who had faded out of peoples attention, appeared in the media lens again. However, this time, she did not appear as a singer, but at the press conference of a toothpaste brand of her own company. This also let the concerned netizens know that Ren Yueli has gone into business circles and started her own business, and has become a strong woman with a fortune of hundreds of millions.

She set up her own famous brand to make the company bigger and stronger. She even said, I want to be the next Dong Mingzhu in China and let the world fall in love with China.

In particular, the slogan good toothpaste, made in China is even more domineering. Ren Yueli worships Grees Dong Mingzhu very much. She said that she hopes to become the second Dong Mingzhu. After the outbreak of pneumonia this year, Ren Yueli also made a low-key donation to teacher Han Hongs charity, hoping to help more people.

Finally, I hope that Ren Yueli will not forget her original intention and make better toothpaste in the future. I hope her company will continue to grow and her life will become better and better.

From a homeless singer who has nothing to go on the stage of Spring Festival Gala, to becoming a big boss; from a family in debt to todays business tycoon. It can be said that Ren Yuelis life is full of legend, and her story is also very inspirational, which can inspire us to move forward and make unremitting efforts for our dreams.

Her dream is great, and has been appreciated by everyone. She has gone through many hardships. I dont think there is any difficulty to knock her down. I also hope that she can fulfill her dream and become our pride.

Ren Yuelis entrepreneurship Conference

There was a news spread on the Internet about Ren Yuelis fortune of more than 100 million yuan. Ren Yueli herself also forwarded the news with a smile on her face, which was interpreted by many netizens as Ren Yuelis acquiescence of her fortune of more than 100 million yuan. After this microblog exploded, Ren Yuelis toothpaste was sold out several times, which shows how strong her brain and adaptability are.

She opened a new channel for her life, with the wealth realized by being a singer, she began to start a business.

This is not a hot topic. She has done two market research, and finally set her business direction as oral cavity field and cross industry creative toothpaste.

Ren Yueli is no longer the grass-roots star Xidan girl, whose name and billboard appear in the times square of New York, standing as a female entrepreneur at the world crossroads.

Ren Yuelis new dream is to be the next Dong Mingzhu.

She is never afraid of people who once liked her to put her down, give her applause to others, because she has never been lucky is forever, only remember that efforts are forward.

This brought her infinite strength, the strength not afraid to lose and come back.

Another 10 years have passed since the last dream came true.

Xidan girl Ren Yueli

Once in a while, she would go around the underground passage again from Xidan. This time, she had her place on the ground, and no hot singing girl could be seen underground.

But after playing the guitar, she couldnt help humming

The place where love has been, the fragrance of yesterday, the familiar warmth, like the wings of an angel, has crossed my boundless heart.


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