Heavy weight! Mrs. trump confirmed that the new crown was isolated for treatment

 Heavy weight! Mrs. trump confirmed that the new crown was isolated for treatment

According to an earlier report by the US President trump, hope Hicks, a close aide to us president trump, was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on the first day. She took part in the presidential debate held on September 29 with trump on air force one. On September 30, she accompanied trump to a campaign rally in Minnesota. Although Trumps staff need to wear masks when traveling with him on the presidential plane, his aides worry that Trumps lack of sleep in the final stage of the campaign may make him particularly vulnerable to infection, US media said.

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Just now, President trump popularized the first ladys new crown test, positive! (source: original)

According to CCTV news: White House doctors confirmed that trump and his wife were positive for new coronavirus

CCTV reporter

New crown test positive, first lady Melania tweeted: we feel good

Melania tweeted: we feel good and I have postponed all upcoming offers. Please make sure youre safe and well get through it together.

Earlier, trump tweeted that he and the first lady Melania had tested positive for the new coronavirus and had begun isolation. Tonight, Melania and I tested positive for the new crown, he tweeted. We will begin our isolation and rehabilitation process immediately. Well get through it together

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by Trump and his wife. The White House doctor introduced the current situation of two people.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by Trump and his wife. (source: Associated Press)

Trumps scheduled rally in Orlando, Florida, was cancelled, the report said. Earlier, President trump confirmed in an interview with Fox News that his senior assistant, hope Hicks, was positive for the new coronavirus. He also said that he and his wife, Melania trump, were tested for the new coronavirus that night, and that the results of the test are expected to be released soon, and isolation procedures will be launched. Hicks is one of Trumps most contact assistants in his work, and has accompanied trump to attend activities many times recently.

[foreign media: if trump is seriously ill, burns will replace him. According to the latest report of the guardian, if trump is too ill to perform his duties, vice president burns will replace him. If burns is also infected and unable to perform his duties, it is likely that Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, will take over the duties of president.

Trump has just tweeted that he and his wife, Melania, have tested positive for the new crown and will immediately isolate and tide over the difficulties together.

Unfortunately, this news reflects the severity of the new outbreak in the United States. President trump has been trying to play down the impact and impact of the epidemic on the United States, let voters ignore the harm of the epidemic, and he himself has long refused to wear masks and inadequate protection. Politicians may have no choice but to do so under the American system, but its negative impact on American society is obvious. Now president trump himself and the first family have also paid a price, which can not be understood as the performance of sharing weal and woe between the president and the people. The United States should find a way to make everyone safer.

The US presidential election has entered the sprint stage, which should be a negative factor for the election of President trump.

Trump and his wife laughed at Biden for wearing a mask in their first debate on a positive new crown test

Trump mocks Biden for wearing a mask Biden: hes not trustworthy (source: original)

Debate scene

I dont wear a mask like [Biden], and every time you see him, hes wearing it, trump said. Hes wearing the biggest mask Ive ever seen, even if hes 200 feet away.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 7:23 on September 30, Beijing time, there were 7186527 confirmed cases and 205895 deaths in the United States.

Ivanka took 30000 bags to the candy store to make marshmallows. She was a little plump but her abdomen was flat

Ivanka trump appeared in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 1, local time, to help her presidents father. The first daughter with a head of blonde hair greets the crowd warmly. Although he is half masked with black mask, his eyes are full of smile.

On that day, the 38 year old mother of Sanwa adopted the most basic and least error prone black and white matching. The pure white shirt and black Capris showed her excellent long legs. The sweater on her shoulders not only kept warm, but also played a good role in decoration. At the same time, it also echoed the ballet flat shoes on her feet. The pure white bag that Ivanka was carrying on that day also attracted attention. According to the daily mail, the small sachet was worth 4700 US dollars (about 30000 RMB), which was indeed a luxury for ordinary people. But for Ivanka, its not hard to get started with such a bag, and she often uses it.

Ivanka arrives at a candy store. She puts some candy in a small blue bucket and checks out at the cashier. It is learned that she will take the candy back to Washington, D.C., for her three children. Although Halloween is at the end of October, many people have already taken action. Candy is essential.

The pink marshmallow in Ivankas hand was made by herself. When making marshmallow, Ivanka was full of bright smile, absorbed and happy, as if returning to her girlhood.

Ivanka has been traveling around the United States for more votes for her father. The day before, she was in Orlando, Florida, when Ivanka chose a water blue dress. The design of the collar was very chic, and the skirt was also well cut, which highlighted her advantages. In addition, high heels made her look very tall and straight.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }US media: President and vice president may be infected, so we should protect the speaker of the house of Representatives. American media: Trumps female assistant has carried the new coronavirus in the first debate. The White House has thrown out a quick inspection gift bag by the White House. American experts sigh that too little is too late. Editor in charge of overseas website: Liu Xiaowu_ NN4113

Trump confirmed new crown