Trump infects the new crown, what should the US election do?

 Trump infects the new crown, what should the US election do?

It is only about 30 days before the US election. At this time, as a Republican presidential candidate, trump was diagnosed with infection of the new crown and began isolation treatment. What is the impact on the next election? How will trumps election be affected? Beijing News reporter interviewed Liu Weidong, a researcher at the American Institute of Chinese Academy of social sciences.

The second round of presidential debate may be held online

On the evening of September 29 local time, Trump and Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, held the first debate of the 2020 election. On October 15, the two will hold a second presidential debate in Florida. At this time, trump confirmed the new crown, bringing variables to the next debate.

Liu Weidong pointed out that after trump was diagnosed with infection of the new crown, the first thing we can confirm is that he will certainly not be able to participate in the offline campaign in the near future. If he does not recover before the second debate, the second debate may be held online, which is more likely.

Trump may use this to play the sad card

Liu Weidong believes that Trumps infection with the new crown at this critical moment has advantages and disadvantages, but the overall disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

On the one hand, trump can play the sad card and use his wife and himself to infect the new crown to win the sympathy of voters. At the same time, we can use this to create an image of the American people who work hard and work hard for their own safety and stress that they are willing to ignore their own safety for the sake of the American people. There will certainly be some voters willing to believe him.

But the disadvantage is that, first of all, after the diagnosis of the new crown, trump can no longer participate in campaign rallies, and can not use his recognized speech advantage to attract voters. In the first presidential debate, both trump and Biden performed poorly, and trump was widely criticized. He had hoped to save his image through the second debate, but now it is impossible. Even if its an online debate, he may not be able to take advantage of it.

Second and more importantly, Trumps diagnosis of the new crown is in part a blow to his face. Because he had been weakening the severity of the new coronavirus, he did not care about the epidemic, nor did he pay attention to protective measures such as wearing masks and keeping social distance. If he is diagnosed, it will directly make us voters realize that the severity of the epidemic in the United States is directly related to trumps poor response to the epidemic and his contempt for the epidemic.