Global frying pan! Trump diagnosis experts worry: what if Biden is infected

 Global frying pan! Trump diagnosis experts worry: what if Biden is infected

White House doctor Sean Conley confirmed in a statement that trump and Melania had tested positive for the new coronavirus and said they were in good condition.

Why is trump infected with the new coronavirus

Trumps senior assistant, hope Hicks, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, according to AP, Bloomberg and other US media on the 1st of local time.

According to the report, Hicks is one of Trumps assistants who have been in contact with him in his work, and he has accompanied trump to attend activities many times recently.

On September 29, Hicks and trump took part in the first TV debate of the US presidential election on Air Force One; on the 30th, she and trump went to the campaign rally in Minnesota.

It is reported that Hicks, born in 1988, is one of Trumps most trusted aides. He was the press secretary of Trumps last presidential campaign. He was once the director of the White Houses communications office and resigned in 2018.

In February, Hicks returned to the White House as Trumps senior adviser to help him run for re-election.

Prior to that, several key White House staff members had been infected with the new coronavirus, including national security adviser OBrien, vice president Burns press secretary Katie Miller, and a close follower of trump.

Trump and hope Hicks

US stocks plummeted

Global market volatility

After Trump declared himself novel coronavirus pneumonia and had to be isolated, the global market was highly volatile.

The U.S. three major stock index futures plummeted, down nearly 2%

Japans stock market was also dragged down, down nearly 1%

The A50 is down 2.5%!

Netizen: will Biden be infected?

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Trumps first debate mocked Biden for wearing a mask (source: ~)

Trump confirmed the new crown American media: a devastating blow to its political fate

According to the New York Times, with only 33 days to go before election day, this incident will have a devastating impact on Trumps political fate. Even if trump, 74, is still asymptomatic, he will have to withdraw from the campaign and remain isolated in the White House for an unknown period of time. If he is ill, it is also a question of whether he can continue to run.

The article also mentioned that trump, who is nearly 80 years old, is considered to be the age group most vulnerable to the new coronavirus attack. In the United States, 8 out of every 10 new crown deaths are elderly people aged 65 and over. Trump has always refused to disclose his health, which has led to doubts about his overall health.

CBS also pointed out that the news was terrible politically for trump. Moreover, 74 year old trump has a higher risk of complications after infection.

The associated press also commented that the diagnosis was a major blow to trump. He has been struggling to convince the American public that the worst of the epidemic is over, although the number of confirmed cases in the United States continues to rise.

This is the most serious public health panic in modern history during the presidency of the United States.

On the twitter of Trumps long run, some netizens Tucao said that because the president lied too much on weekdays, some people could not make complaints about whether he really infected.

The word retribution has quickly become a hot topic. Prior to the outbreak, more than 207000 people died in the United States.

Screenshot of social media

Others speculated that Biden had heard the news, but remembered his reaction to the debate with him two days ago.

Screenshot of social media

Following the first election debate, the next debate between trump and Biden is scheduled to take place in Miami on October 15 and the third on October 22.

Suddenly! Trump confirmed the new crown! Understand Wang finally and his most understand the virus together

There was a fierce fight between the kindergarten children

We are in front of the screen

Deeply feel what it means

Little Wallace only felt noisy

Trump is even more talking about coronavirus and epidemic situation

Its hard to imagine

In the next two debates

How many times will he mention China

But retribution comes too fast

US President trump tweeted

He and his wife tested positive for new coronavirus

Tonight, Melania and I tested positive for the new crown

Our isolation and rehabilitation process

Well get through it together

Not long ago today

Hope Hicks, assistant to trump

The new coronavirus was positive

Take air force one to attend the presidential debate

She has participated in a number of recent presidential events

Including yesterdays Minnesota rally

And this Tuesdays presidential debate

As early as May 7, CNN said

As a member of the White House elite force

That is to say, at trump.

Not much contact with confirmed staff

From once a week to once a day

So, this 70 year old man

Every day I have to be poked in the nose by a test stick

Its sad to think about it

But, fortunately or unfortunatelyu2014u2014

Trumps test results are negative.

However, trump has just settled.

When we wake up, we suddenly find that

One of the White House staff confirmed it again!

It can be said that Fengshui turns

According to American media speculation

Although she and trump had no what they had done.

Its trumps senior assistant

Put in a voice over

Why do you bring a family with you

After two consecutive White House staff were diagnosed

Here comes the new diagnosis

First princess Ivankas personal assistant tested positive for new coronavirus

Trump stubborn and reluctant to admit mistakes or defeats.

The eldest princess also said that she had not contacted the staff for a long time

Its been working remotely for two months

However, the eldest princess was cautious

The new crown was still tested

The results were negative

It seems to indicate that the virus has really entered the White House

Under this influence

Finally they put on their masks!


It was in the closed press conference office

Are we the only Chinese journalists wearing masks?

Trump, the most understanding of the virus, is surrounded by confirmed patients and family members.

Trump general said he had no contact with the confirmed person.

But does it matter?

Even if he did, he would deny it.

Even if he admitted the diagnosis, he would throw the pot at Obama

Shouldnt the White House follow the CDCs advice early on?

How did you get infected by the virus

Is this good for them?

Do you think its fair?

Whether it is the kit or the protective materials for medical personnel

There are shortages

But the truth is that White House staff can test it every day

And some patients may not have been tested until death

But today, who is really spared by heaven

Trump finally made the diagnosis

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Experts comment on Trumps diagnosis: disadvantages outweigh benefits