Xi Jinping was sent to the world to invite the Spring City at the international conference.

 Xi Jinping was sent to the world to invite the Spring City at the international conference.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a major event in the United Nations. at the 75th anniversary moment when the United Nations was founded, the United Nations held a summit on biodiversity in the special moment of all countries committed to fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic and promoting the high quality recovery of the economy. We have a realistic and far-reaching significance to discuss the important issues of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

At the summit, President Xi Jinping, combining the current situation of biodiversity in the world, put forward the China Initiative on building a harmonious and beautiful homeland with all kinds of things. He shared with all the experiences of biodiversity management and ecological civilization construction in China and issued Spring City invitation to the world.

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Put forward four suggestions

At present, the speed of global species extinction is accelerating, and the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem degradation pose major risks to human survival and development. The novel coronavirus pneumonia tells us that man and nature are the common destiny. We need to work together, seize the action, protect in development, develop in protection, and build a beautiful and harmonious home for all things. President Xi Jinping proposed:

Adhere to ecological civilization and enhance the power to build a beautiful world

We should stand on the height of responsibility for human civilization, respect nature, comply with nature, protect nature, explore the road of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, promote the coordination and unity of economic development and ecological protection, and build a prosperous, clean and beautiful world.

Adhere to multilateralism and unite global environmental governance efforts

We should firmly safeguard the international system with the United Nations as the core, safeguard the dignity and authority of international rules, and enhance the level of global environmental governance.

Maintain green development and cultivate high-quality economic recovery vitality after the epidemic

We should take a long-term view, maintain our determination, and adhere to green, inclusive and sustainable development.

We should take the way of nature to support the birth of all things, seek development opportunities from the protection of nature, and realize the win-win situation of ecological environment protection and high-quality economic development.

Enhance the sense of responsibility and improve the action ability to deal with environmental challenges

We should adhere to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, uphold fair and just benefit sharing, and take into account the concerns of developing countries in terms of capital, technology and capacity-building.

We should earnestly implement our commitments, focus on the implementation of the goals, effectively reverse the loss of biodiversity, and jointly protect the earths homeland.

Share three experiences

China uses the concept of ecological civilization to guide its development

China attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, integrates into all aspects and the whole process of Chinas economic and social development, and strives to build a modern harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

China takes strong policy actions

Chinas active participation in global environmental governance

As the largest developing country in the world, we are also willing to undertake international responsibilities commensurate with Chinas development level and contribute to global environmental governance. President Xi Jinping said: China will uphold the concept of the community of human destiny, continue to make extremely hard and bitter efforts, improve the countrys independent contribution, and adopt more effective policies and measures. CO2 emissions will strive to peak before 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutral before 2060, and make greater efforts to achieve the goal set by the Paris agreement to tackle climate change. And contribution.

Send out an invitation

At the summit, President Xi Jinping introduced to you that China will hold the fifteenth conference of the parties to the Convention on biological diversity in Kunming next year, and invite everyone to gather in spring city Kunming next year to discuss the global biodiversity conservation plan.

It is reported that the theme of the 15th Conference of the parties to the Convention on biological diversity to be held in May next year is Ecological Civilization: building a community of life on earth. It will review the framework of global biodiversity after 2020, determine the new goal of global biodiversity by 2030, and strive to achieve the beautiful vision of harmonious coexistence of man and nature.