Foreign media: if trump is seriously ill, burns will take over

 Foreign media: if trump is seriously ill, burns will take over

[text / observer Li Qiqian] US President trump revealed that his new crown test was positive, and the public opinion field in the United States quickly exploded. As the world knows, trump has been passive in fighting the epidemic for a long time, ignoring the epidemic prevention policy and not loving to wear masks.

According to the New York Times, with only 33 days to go before election day, this incident will have a devastating impact on Trumps political fate. Even if trump, 74, is still asymptomatic, he will have to withdraw from the campaign and remain isolated in the White House for an unknown period of time. If he is ill, it is also a question of whether he can continue to run.

The article also mentioned that trump, who is nearly 80 years old, is considered to be the age group most vulnerable to the new coronavirus attack. In the United States, 8 out of every 10 new crown deaths are elderly people aged 65 and over. Trump has always refused to disclose his health, which has led to doubts about his overall health.

CBS also pointed out that the news was terrible politically for trump. Moreover, 74 year old trump has a higher risk of complications after infection.

This is the most serious public health panic in modern history during the presidency of the United States.

On the twitter of Trumps long run, some netizens Tucao said that because the president lied too much on weekdays, some people could not make complaints about whether he really infected.

The word retribution has quickly become a hot topic. Prior to the outbreak, more than 207000 people died in the United States.

Screenshot of social media

Screenshot of social media

Following the first election debate, the next debate between trump and Biden is scheduled to take place in Miami on October 15 and the third on October 22.

President trump, the first lady of the United States, Melania, has announced that she is ready to start the isolation procedure. (photo / Reuters)

Zhan Yating / comprehensive external report

Peng Bo and BBC report novel coronavirus pneumonia, the US president who is the commander in chief of the armed forces, will be affected by the severity of illness. The severity of the disease will affect economic and geopolitics, especially whether Trump himself loses his or her ability to perform.

The stock market will be hit if trump diagnoses the illness. (photo / Dazhi images / Associated Press)

However, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been warned that once Trump and vice president Burns lose their ability to work due to infection with new crown pneumonia, a new round of chaos may be triggered. Brian kalt, a law professor at Michigan State University, points out that even if the president is only available for a few hours, it is extremely dangerous for the country. If neither of them can perform their duties, neither can invoke the 25th amendment of the constitution.

President trump (right) and vice president burns (left). (photo / Reuters)

Although the constitution instructed Congress to make laws and put the speaker of the house of Parliament as the candidate to take up the presidency, Cault pointed out that the Constitution did not provide procedures to confirm whether the president was incapable to perform his duties. He might break out trump, Burns or their attorney to express their suitability for serving.

With the second presidential debate in the US presidential election to be held in Miami, Florida on the 15th, trump has now announced that he is isolated from his wife Melania. Whether this will affect the debate is still unknown. Reuters pointed out that the virus test results of two people are the fastest, and the results will be available on the local day or two.

Burns sent a message of sympathy to the trumps

Big bang! Trump confirmed the new crown, the global market plummeted

Just now, trump tweeted that he and the first lady had tested positive for the new coronavirus and that they would begin to isolate. Later, White House doctors reported that trump and his wife were positive for the new coronavirus.

Tonight, Melania and I tested positive for the new crown, trump said. We will begin our isolation and rehabilitation process immediately. Well get through it together

According to reports, doctors said the couple would stay in the White House for treatment. It is not clear how long they will be isolated and how long treatment will take. Whether the second presidential debate will continue on October 15. Trump will later have rallies in Florida, Wisconsin and Arizona. According to a white house doctors assessment in June, trump, 74, is considered obese and at risk of getting worse with his new crown.

Global market down

Affected by the news, U.S. stock index futures fell short-term, up to the press, the three major stock index futures fell more than 1%.

The Nikkei 225 index closed down 166.62 points, or 0.72%, to 23018.5.

FTSE China A50 Index futures fell more than 2%.

Us and Burmese oil rose by about US $0.4 in the short term, and the intraday decline narrowed to less than 3%, and are now trading at US $37.63/barrel and US $39.78/barrel, respectively.

The core assistant confirmed that the first lady of trump was in emergency isolation

Hope Hicks has been working hard and not even taking a break, trump said. Just now, she tested positive for her new coronavirus. Its horrible! The first lady and I are waiting for the test results. In the meantime, were going to start isolating!

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Unfortunately, this news reflects the severity of the new outbreak in the United States. President trump has been trying to play down the impact and impact of the epidemic on the United States, let voters ignore the harm of the epidemic, and he himself has long refused to wear masks and inadequate protection. Politicians may have no choice but to do so under the American system, but its negative impact on American society is obvious. Now president trump himself and the first family have also paid a price, which can not be understood as the performance of sharing weal and woe between the president and the people. The United States should find a way to make everyone safer.

The US presidential election has entered the sprint stage, which should be a negative factor for the election of President trump.

In any case, I hope novel coronavirus pneumonia will be safe for president Trump and his wife to survive this difficult time.

Trump may miss the next presidential debate, and has not worn a mask to contact with many people

In addition to accompanying trump to the debate in Cleveland on the 29th, Hicks also accompanied trump to a rally in Minnesota on the 30th. According to media reports, Trump and his entourage did not wear masks when they entered the debate hall. Although some of them did wear masks, they took them off after they took their seats.

Hicks was photographed in the assistant car without wearing a mask, along with senior White House adviser Stephen Miller. On his return to Washington on the evening of the 29th, Stephen Miller was seen by the media as he stepped off air force one and shared an umbrella with Hicks. Katie Miller, wife of Stephen Miller and press secretary to Vice President burns, diagnosed the new coronavirus in May.

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Burns: a message of sympathy has been sent to trump