Black Swan reappears! U.S. President Trumps diagnosis of the new crown epidemic aggravates Market Volatility

 Black Swan reappears! U.S. President Trumps diagnosis of the new crown epidemic aggravates Market Volatility

According to ABC, Trumps doctor Sean Conley said that both trump and the first lady are doing well and plan to stay in the White House during their recovery. The White House medical team and I will remain vigilant and thank some of the best healthcare professionals and institutions for their support. Please rest assured that I look forward to the presidents continued performance of his duties during his recovery from health. Ill keep you informed. Conley said.

Trumps scheduled rally in Orlando, Florida, was cancelled, the report said. Earlier, President trump confirmed in an interview with Fox News that his senior assistant, hope Hicks, was positive for the new coronavirus. He also said that he and his wife, Melania trump, were tested for the new coronavirus that night, and that the results of the test are expected to be released soon, and isolation procedures will be launched.

International crude oil prices fell to 3.22% to US $37.61/barrel; spot gold futures for December delivery rose about 1% to US $1916.30 an ounce. The dollar index fell to its lowest level in a week on Thursday, pushing gold prices higher. Insiders say novel coronavirus pneumonia is exacerbated by fears that the new global pneumonia infection will increase.

On October 1, Beijing time, the ISM manufacturing index of the United States in September was 55.4, which was lower than the expected 56.5 and the previous value of 56.5. Personal income fell the largest in three months in August, and the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits for the first time last week was still far higher than that before the epidemic. Affected by the US data downturn, the international oil price fell by more than 5% on the same day, and the US oil WTI lost US $38. In response, Yide futures analyst Chen Tong said that according to the data released by the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) on Wednesday, US crude oil inventories dropped unexpectedly by 2 million barrels last week for the third consecutive week. Lingering demand related concerns eased the markets concerns about the trend of supply tightening.

At present, investors in the crude oil market have been paying close attention to the spread of the new coronavirus, which may have an adverse impact on crude oil demand as the economy stagnates. With the number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases rising in the world, Europe is implementing or planning to re implement new social restrictive measures. Spains new rules mean that most parts of the country limit public services and retail capacity to 50%, while France may introduce new restrictions in the future.

Spain, France and the Netherlands have had the highest rates of new cases per capita in the worlds largest countries over the past seven days, according to data from Deutsche Bank. In addition to possible pressure on crude oil demand, supply is also rising to higher levels. According to a recent survey, OPECs crude oil supply rose, with daily production in September increasing by 160000 barrels compared with August.

Meanwhile, the dollar index plunged in the afternoon of Asian trading on October 2. According to wind data, as of 13:46 Beijing time on the 2nd, the rise of the US dollar index narrowed to 0.05% to 93.7814. Earlier, the US dollar index rose more than 0.3% to above the 94 mark. As for the future trend of the dollar, Peter Schiff, a senior Wall Street prophet, pointed out in his report that the dollar is a mirror image of precious metals and stocks - the dollar rose in September, but fell in the quarter.

The dollar index rose nearly 2% in September, but fell 3.5% at the end of the quarter. As a result, all assets showed a negative trend in September, with good performance in the quarter, declining in the month, and vice versa, while bonds were relatively stable. Peter Schiff still expects interest rates to rise sharply and bond prices to fall accordingly.

Although the stock market fell sharply in late September, it rose in the quarter. In fact, everything was up in the third quarter, because of the Fed. The Fed has pledged to keep interest rates low and continues to drive stock market gains through debt monetization. Gold rose about 6 per cent in the third quarter, despite a sharp sell-off in September. Silver suffered the most last month, falling about 18 per cent. But even so, silver prices rose about 27 percent in the quarter and beat all major stock indexes. Looking forward to the future, Peter Schiff believes that for the dollar, the dollar is expected to fall by 35 per cent in the fourth quarter by the end of 2021. If the dollar index falls 35 per cent, it will only barely remain above 60. The historical low of the dollar index was the top 70 level in 2008. New York State outbreak aggravating source: China Times Author: Yeqing responsible editor: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

Although the stock market fell sharply in late September, it rose in the quarter. In fact, everything was up in the third quarter, thanks to the Federal Reserve. The Feds commitment to keep interest rates low and continued to monetize debt pushed up the stock market. Despite a sharp sell-off in September, gold rose about 6% in the third quarter. Silver suffered the biggest shock last month, falling about 18%. But even so, silver rose about 27% in the quarter and outperformed all major stock market indexes.