Windows 10x: Microsoft delays surface Neo

 Windows 10x: Microsoft delays surface Neo

In fact, the reason for the delay of surfaceneo has something to do with its windows 10x, because the development progress of the system has fallen far behind Microsofts established plan, and it is still far from certain when it will be launched.

Microsofts chief product officer, Panos parnet, had previously hinted that surfaceneo, a dual screen device with windows 10x, would be delayed.

The slow development of windows 10x has also disrupted Lenovo and other manufacturers plans to push new products. In this regard, Microsoft has said that windows 10x will give priority to the release of single screen notebook. At present, the optimization of special folding screen notebook and double screen notebook is not perfect, so the release of windows 10x system will be delayed until 2021 or later.

According to the goal disclosed by Microsoft before, windows 10x is the cornerstone of future development, which is used to replace Windows 10.

After all, since the beginning of windows 10x, Microsoft has optimized the touch input, which is very modern in appearance. At the same time, the interface of the new file resource manager is very simple. In addition to the basic file operation options, there is no new thing added, and the user experience is more in place.

Source: Kuai technology editor: Duan Jiaqi_ NT7312