Forget old love, dont rely on new love

 Forget old love, dont rely on new love

Uncle, I have a problem. I want to ask you. I separated from a man who loved each other because they couldnt be together. It has been several months since he had a new girlfriend, but I began to suffer from insomnia, anxiety and irritability. I can only sleep by alcohol every day. It is clearly that I choose to end. Why do I still suffer so much? I know I still love him, but we cant be together, why cant I put it down? Or, how can I put it down?

In my early years, I once fell in love with someone. She had some ex boyfriends. Every time she broke up with them, she was very determined, but she did not lose contact with them. They still exist in her circle of friends, and they may occasionally greet or even have an ambiguous chat.

One year, when I was celebrating her birthday, she received a cake ordered by her ex and flowers from another ex.

Facing the cake from her ex boyfriend, I didnt know if it was good or not.

Its hard to let go of someone, especially when you still love him / her.

Evil doing. But you have to learn to let go.

And the best way to put down a person is not to leave a way for yourself.

Thats why were going to disconnect.

The memory of a person will gradually weaken with the passage of time. It is likely that there will be repeated, like all diseases, there are repeated performance. But as long as you persist, it will fade.

Three years at most. Even if you still think about it, three years later, you will accept the fait accompli.

Many people say that finding a new love is the best way to forget the old love.


If I know you come to love me to forget your old love, my heart will be sad. I feel that way, and so do others. So its not very kind to take the new love and forget the old love. Its not thorough.

Its the best way to control yourself.

Tasting the sweetness and pain brought by memories and weighing the inner entanglement and struggle will become a part of your daily life and will help you understand yourself better.

Finally, reason overcomes emotion, accepts the fact, and grows up.

Be cruel to yourself and dont have any illusions about the old love. Thats going to erode your will.

Opportunities cant be given without limits, because its unfair to others.

You have to give other people a chance.

Try it if you dont believe it.

And you will understand, even if you love a person, but he is he, you are you.

People are different from people. He has his freedom to accept him.

Let a person love you, not by shaking his shoulder. Only by himself.