Chinese mens and womens 4x100m mixed relay breaks the world record and shows Chinas strength

 Chinese mens and womens 4x100m mixed relay breaks the world record and shows Chinas strength

The combination of Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei and Yang Junjun is the most powerful combination of the current national team. They represent the top level of each project. After the preliminaries, Xu Jiayu said that their expectation was to break the world record, but the goal should be kept in mind. Only when we can see the result can we count. Relay events are the embodiment of comprehensive strength. Compared with individual breakthroughs, the gold medals and world records of relay events are more valuable. This also made Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junjun extremely moved and excited. After the preliminaries, they appreciated each other and said they were holding their thighs.

In the preliminaries, Xu Jiayu scored 52.45 seconds in the first 100 meter backstroke, which was better than his final result. After the competition, Xu Jiayu shed tears with emotion. He said with emotion: today is the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival. Its a great honor for the four of us to offer gifts for the national day. Teammates are awesome, and our cooperation has broken the world record. This is also my first world record in the long pool, which is the result of our joint efforts. The power of the team is infinite.

Yan Zibei, the king of frogs in Asia, was also excited: it is the strength our motherland has given us. Let us bring this record to China. Im very nervous today. Im very tight. I swim the 200m breaststroke final in the morning to prepare for the evening. Zhang Yufei, who has already won the Asian record of womens 100m Butterfly and the national record of 100m freestyle, added the world record again. She said with a smile: this is the most satisfying competition in my career. Its planned that I give up the preliminaries for the 200m butterfly event ahead of tonight, and its also my contribution to the relay. Before the game, the four of us said that we should try our best to swim well. Its Gods will if we can break the record. I also feel like I can swim faster. Young 18-year-old Yang junxuan is a new force in freestyle. She is the world youth record holder in womens 200m freestyle. Her performance in the relay preliminaries was also very eye-catching. After the race, the little girl said, it was mainly because my three brothers and sisters helped me win enough time. They took me to fly. My own strength is not so strong. We are united.

Before the relay race, Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junjun were all the double champions of this event. Multi line operations can continue to exert force in relay races and swim awesome results in breaking the world record. Xu Jiayu said: my physical fitness has not reached the limit. Everyones achievements are so good that they are teammates strength and are the fruits of our efforts. As for the boosting effect of physical training, Xu Jiayu said: for a period of time, the improvement in physical fitness has supported me to play a better role in the sprint stage of swimming competitions. Physical testing is like an athletes mirror. Indicators and figures will reveal the weaknesses and help us find and solve problems. The physical training of different projects helps us to find out the deficiencies and make up the loopholes, so as to improve our willpower. Through the evil complement can short board, my two sides core strength enhancement is very obvious

The total score of Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei and Yang Junjun in the pre competition physical fitness test reached 180 points, ranking the first among the 16 teams in the preliminaries. Through physical training, physical pacesetter Zhang Yufeis upper limbs and core strength improved significantly, which are also reflected in her swimming program. The improvement of my core strength helped me to better complete the hip lift and control the rhythm of butterfly swimming in the water, to swim more smoothly and to maintain the streamline of the water, which further improved my special training level, she said. I think the attention and investment in physical training is very helpful to the special performance Yan Zi Bei also shared his training experience in combination of physical training and special training: core stability enhancement, leg strength enhancement and aerobic capacity enhancement enable me to jump out of the starting platform, and my body can have better ability to hold air and adjust body posture in the air, thereby reducing the resistance of water entry and the effectiveness of water pressure. When swimming on the way, with the support of stronger leg strength and aerobic ability, especially in the last 25 meters, the technical movements will be able to stay longer, reduce water resistance, and thus swim more confidently. If we can develop all kinds of physical fitness items, we can improve sports performance in all aspects Yang junxuan also obviously felt the changes brought about by physical training: before, I was lack of physical fitness, so now physical training is more prominent, and the amount of training is much more than before. I feel that physical training is very useful. I can obviously feel that my body is much stronger than before. The amount of training on land and water has increased, and my physical ability has also improved

The 4x100m medley relay is a new event in Tokyo Olympic Games. With the world record in hand, China has the confidence to become the most powerful contender for the gold medal in the event. Looking forward to the future, Xu Jiayu firmly said that he wanted to show Chinas strength to the world: we have done it! The relay race of next years Tokyo Olympic Games is the most important part. My individual competition is very important, but the team competition can better reflect Chinas strength. I hope we can continue our efforts in the future. It is a great honor for us to break the world record on national day and Mid Autumn Festival! Happy birthday to our motherland

Photo source: Xinhua News Agency

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