National Day film publicity relies on short video, and the most popular talk show actors have also come

 National Day film publicity relies on short video, and the most popular talk show actors have also come

Last year, many film and TV drama groups with a keen sense of smell have taken the short video platform as one of the main positions for film publicity and dissemination. They have opened accounts on each platform to share behind the scenes gags, variety show clips and subtitle creativity, etc., and form a secondary transmission through audience sharing.

It has become a common strategic measure for the short video platform and the film and television company to publicize the film through the short video. The short video platform enters into the field of long video copyright.

On August 31, BiliBili made a strategic investment of HK $513 million to celebrate media. After the completion of the transaction, station B will hold about 9.90% of the shares of joy media after its share expansion, surpassing cats eye entertainment as the fourth largest institutional shareholder of joy media, and will send one person to the board of directors of joy media.

The likeness of Gong Huang and Lang Ping in winning the championship and the shooting gags have been brushed before the Spring Festival. Why Lang Ping returns after the beauty volleyball match in the Beijing Olympic Games, the new womens volleyball players and the running in between the new and old players can arouse the interest of the short video audience.

My hometown and I is a series of bombing. The announcement of the tiktok UFO unit was released on the first list of the vibrant hotspots and the twenty-second micro-blog hotlist. It also became the preannouncement of the first short video platforms volume of broadcasting after the resumption of cinema.

At the same time, the three generations of directors and dozens of star creators have formed a publicity matrix of another dimension with their respective appeal power. Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan forwarded I and my hometown on their personal microblogs with a forwarding volume of 1 million +.

The animated film Jiang Ziya is linked with Nezha, the same door in the publicity, to strengthen the label of Fengshen animation universe.

The entertainment service platform has been able to achieve a tiktok, a ticketing and marketing interaction with a key button. In August 15th tiktok, Xu Zheng, Chen He, Zhang Yibai, Wang Junkai and Tan Zhuo broadcast live in the air. The cat eye provided four pretext functions for the live broadcast, including the prepaid interests, the super value viewing packages, the tiktok gift, the customized red envelope, and so on, forming a marketing combination boxing, and the four topic of activity was on the hot spot of the shaking. The overall exposure of the public welfare live broadcast exceeded 110 million, driving more than 3700 cinemas to generate orders and sell 18 films.

Top star

The premiere ceremony and exclusive interview of the major film have not been lowered.

Most of the leading dialogues are super dialogues, such as Lang Ping. It is not the media exclusive interview that triggered the screen of friends, but Shen NANPENG, the global executive partner of Sequoia Capital. On the 15th anniversary of Sequoia China, Shen NANPENG had a two-hour dialogue with Lang Ping. Lang Ping talked about perseverance and management experience of the champion team, while Shen NANPENG shared his hole in the evolution of Sequoia organization To observe and think about the partner culture and how to spend the dark time.

Me and my hometown is more grounded. On September 29, the premiere of my hometown and I in Beijing was attended by Wang Mian, the champion of talk show conference, and the premiere ceremony in Shenyang was attended by Li Xueqin, who had been in a mess recently.

In terms of film arrangement, Jiang Ziya is far ahead of me and my hometown by 42.3%, which is 10% higher than that of me and my hometown. In the third place is the champion released on September 25, with only 11.8%.

The box office forecasts of several national day blockbusters are all over 1 billion.