In September, titanium dioxides rising voice organization said that the dark moment of the industry has passed

 In September, titanium dioxides rising voice organization said that the dark moment of the industry has passed

The market price of rutile titanium dioxide has risen from 12000 yuan / ton in early July to 13000 yuan / ton - 13500 yuan / ton on September 30.

According to Oriental Wealth data, the titanium dioxide index also rose to a certain extent in July, with the highest increase of nearly 21%. Dragon Python Bailey once rose more than 40%. In addition, the titanium dioxide industry listed in Huiyun titanium industry on September 30 closed the trading limit board.

Zhuo Chuang information analyst said, the increase of raw material cost pressure and the continuous shortage of supply jointly contributed to the larger adjustment. The increasing external demand and domestic demand in the peak season have made the golden nine more attractive this year. With the gradual recovery of production and terminal consumption of titanium dioxide downstream users, Yinshi is also optimistic

According to Baichuan Yingfu, the current market is generally high, but the supply is still tight. The logistics in some areas of Southwest China is blocked. The price of raw material titanium ore continues to rise. In addition, the freight pressure of titanium dioxide is rising. Therefore, the inventory of dealers is gradually consumed, and the manufacturers temporarily limit the order quantity. Under the tight supply and demand situation, prices generally rose.

Dongxing Securities pointed out that the rhythm of titanium dioxide, which should have entered a new inventory cycle in 2020q1, was disrupted by the epidemic situation. However, when it was basically Q3, the industrys inventory accumulated passively due to the epidemic situation was basically exhausted. We believe that under the cycle law, replenishment may be late, but it will not be absent. Even though the next replenishment cycle may not be as strong as that of 2016q3 to 2018q2, but the superposition of the completion section has a negative impact on titanium dioxide It is not necessary to be pessimistic and basically confirm that the worst stage of the boom has passed.

At the same time, it strongly recommends longmang Baili, which has the largest production capacity in Asia, the third in the world, and the global leader with the most complete supporting facilities and the lowest cost. The company not only has strong price elasticity and benefits from the recovery of the industry, but also continues to expand by virtue of the advantages of chlorination technology. It has long been optimistic about the companys (1) growing into the worlds No.1 titanium dioxide leader; (2) extending to the titanium raw materials and titanium metal industry It is suggested that attention should be paid to the second leading titanium dioxide in China.