Red and black list of hybrid funds in the third quarter

 Red and black list of hybrid funds in the third quarter

With the end of the last trading day in September, the third quarter of 2020 is also officially closed, which is different from the ups and downs in July and August. As the golden nine season, September did not bring bright performance to investors, but the volatility dropped significantly.

Affected by the shock drop in September, the highest double yield created by public funds in the first eight months has gradually narrowed. Wind data shows that as of September 30, 2260 partial stock hybrid funds have achieved an average return of 32.03% so far this year.

Among them, since the beginning of this year, there are 4 with a yield of over 90%, 8 with a yield of 80% - 90%, 28 with a yield of 70% - 80%, and 98 with a yield of 60% - 70%.

In the third quarter of this year, under the background of the adjustment of pharmaceutical, science and technology, consumption and other sectors, the yield of related theme funds also significantly retreated. In contrast, heavy warehouse manufacturing, cycle plate stock product performance is strong.

As a small fund with a scale of only 50.82 million yuan, the civil military integration of China Post was established on April 1, 2017, with a net value growth rate of 37.31% in the third quarter. It is worth mentioning that on July 24 this year, Zheng Ling was added as the fund manager of the fund, and Zheng Ling was once the investment manager of the investment department of Aerospace Technology Finance Co., Ltd.

Among them, the withdrawal of the Oriental cycle optimization fund and Jinxin MINCHANG A / C fund was not the same, reaching more than 13%.

Two giant Internet red funds that are often spit out by netizens make complaints about Lv Yuechaos havitong stock and Huang Xingliangs new A/C, which is once again on the list. Among them, the current fund scale of Haifutong stock is 6.693 billion yuan, and the total fund scale of Wanjia new economic momentum a / C is 4.334 billion yuan.

Wind data shows that Haifutong shares are concentrated, with software and services accounting for 40.42%, semiconductor and semiconductor production equipment as high as 31.24%, and technical hardware and equipment as high as 16.36%. With the callback of science and technology plate, Haifutong stock began to fall endlessly.

As for the single month in September, the following are the 10 products with the highest comprehensive score in September:

Among them, China Post civil military integration, Fu Rong value selection a two funds with a higher net value growth rate and become a dark horse.

The 10 funds with the lowest comprehensive score in September were:

In the fund black list, Yinhua domestic demand, which has increased by more than 60% this year, is on the list. From the perspective of the top ten heavy positions, agricultural stocks accounted for a large proportion. Liu Hui, the fund manager, said in the second quarter report that agriculture is an industry with great difference in expectation, so it will continue to maintain the core allocation of agriculture, science and technology and medicine, and appropriately allocate financial, non-ferrous, environmental protection and other undervalued varieties.

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