Trump diagnosed infection with new crown election campaign and debate facing cancellation?

 Trump diagnosed infection with new crown election campaign and debate facing cancellation?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a high-risk group for Trump, who is 74 years old and has a slightly fat constitution, US media quoted health experts as saying.

According to a memo issued by White House doctor Sean Conley on the evening of the same day received by first finance reporter, he has been reported positive for Trumps new crown in the evening of local time. Conley wrote in the memo that the trumps are in good shape and that they plan to stay in the White House during their recovery.

Conley said he expected the president to continue to perform his duties during the recovery period without being affected. Ill keep you informed of future progress. Conley said in the memo.

How does trump get infected

The White House first revealed that the confirmed one was Trumps core staff, Hicks, who had many contacts with trump every day. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported by some people familiar with Hicks, who told the media.

Hicks, 31, accompanied trump to Cleveland, Ohio, on the 29th to participate in the debate. On the 30th, he took air force one to accompany trump to Minnesota for election campaign.

Reporters familiar with the White Houses itinerary all know that during the two trips, Hicks first took a small helicopter Navy One with trump and other entourage to Andrews Air Force base, and then took air force one.

According to the photos disclosed by US media, Hicks was seen standing opposite trump with a mask after boarding Navy one on two trips, and the distance between them was less than an arm.

The US media quoted health experts as saying that because of the small size and closeness of Navy one, the diagnosis of Hicks and trump also meant that all personnel in the same industry were at risk of direct contact with the virus at that time. Those accompanying on the day included the White House chief of staff, White House press secretary, trump campaign manager and Trumps family.

Before Trumps announcement of the diagnosis, he had a live debate with Democratic candidate and former Vice President Biden in Cleveland on Tuesday. The two did not shake hands and had close contact on the debate platform, but they did not wear masks during the 90 minute debate. Before Tuesday, trump also held talks with Senate Majority Leader, 78 year old McConnell and the newly nominated Supreme Court Judge Barrett had a meeting.

U.S. media revealed that on the morning of 1, White House officials had disclosed to trump that Hicks might be infected with the new coronavirus, but he still went to New Jersey to participate in a large-scale fund-raising event, during which he held meetings with a number of donors and fundraisers.

The White House changes the schedule and the prospects for the campaign are unclear

According to CDC guidelines, people who have been in contact with a confirmed person need to be quarantined for 14 days, which means Trumps campaign to the important swing states of Florida, Wisconsin and Arizona this Friday and next week will face cancellation. In addition, because Trumps diagnosis was made on the evening of the 1st and the early morning of the 2nd, the 14 day isolation period also means that there are uncertain factors whether he can participate in the second round of debate held in Miami, Florida on the 15th.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia had not been clearly stated by Trump and the White House doctors statement until the morning of 2. However, U.S. media quoted health experts as saying that in the foreseeable future, the large campaign rally trump has just restarted should be unlikely to restart again, regardless of the severity of his symptoms.

The day trump announced the diagnosis was 32 days before the US election.

After Trumps novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced, the White House announced a updated Friday (2) activity schedule at 12:11 a.m., and only a Trump conference call for elderly people supporting the new crown pneumonia was set up at 12:15 noon. All other schedules were cancelled.

Previously, at 9 p.m., the White Houses Friday schedule included a meeting with supporters at trump hotel in Washington in the afternoon and a campaign campaign in Orlando, Florida.