Make up for ever

 Make up for ever

With the original air cream texture, light and smooth, moisturizing and not pulling dry.

A touch of excellence

Covering the 61 major colors of the whole color system, it is excellent with white strength, showing soft fog and semi dumb makeup effect, and lasting color locking.

Can also be wantonly superimposed, creative play color, each consumer can find the most suitable for their own bright color, with their own dazzling attitude.

#170 Zhizhi peach peach milk tea color, daily make-up, vitality versatile.

#2 + 7 Li Jiaqi limited color lipstick brother Li Jiaqi went to France to create your 2 + 7

Inspired by the innovative shape of professional color brush, small elliptical section, precise application, give you professional makeup experience.

In September 11, 2020, MAKEUPFOREVER unveiled the debut of the new masters Gloss Lipstick new product. It was shocked by the creative exhibition of Shanghai World Expo. Through five chapters, it showed the innovative force of lip makeup, and Na La, Liu Yuxin and Li Jiaqi came to the scene.

Blend inspiration

The first chapter starts with the texture of lipstick flowing, and flows to the body painted models created by the makeup artists of the Institute of color makeup, showing the source of inspiration of artists and reflecting the blending of flow.

The combination of modern sense and color on the central T stage is shocking. In a long red dress, the spokesperson of Asia Pacific brand, Naza walked slowly from the actors matrix with the light of fusion, pushing the first chapter to a climax.

Co creation between lips

The second chapter takes the lip as the visual inspiration to show the artists self artistic ideas between the lips.

Through the 2+7 color number created by Li Jiaqi, the brand of MAKEUPFOREVER is the carrier of the soft light lipstick. It shows the brands willingness to cooperate with artists from all walks of life.

Master trend

The third chapter conveys the trend of brand self renovation, with the color brush as the inspiration, and the body color shows the brands outstanding creativity, from the color number, texture to lipstick shape, and subverts the imagination of the industry and consumers to lipstick. The models painted makeup created by six artists of Gaoding and displayed on the extension stage of the show, which was accompanied by screen vision to give people artistic shock.

Self admiration between lips

In Chapter 4, as a brand ambassador in Asia Pacific region, Liu Yuxin coincides with makeupforever brand concept. The 30 second impromptu performance expresses the brand DNA of unlimited beauty, releasing everyones unique personality and charm. As a representative of self admiration between lips, she shows her unique and unique self, breaking through the shackles, liberating nature and exploding the stage.


The last picture of chapter five focuses on the stage, and the ideas conveyed in the first four chapters are integrated here. All the actors and actresses will rock you to a climax.

This new MAKEUPFOREVER conference of the brilliant color gloss lipstick, a perfect curtain call in the blend of music, art, inspiration and color, interprets the redefinition of the brands unrestricted beauty and makes the lip art bloom.