Hit your suit! This group of Chinese girls with the most beautiful legs are also wives and wives. They are too burning!

 Hit your suit! This group of Chinese girls with the most beautiful legs are also wives and wives. They are too burning!

The box office at the weekend was 160 million yuan, ending the five week winning road of 800.

It is described as: This is the top class womens group!

I love the womens volleyball team. A year ago, they won the world series for the tenth time.

I like Lang Ping very much. I like Gong Lis role in Lang Ping. Gong Li performs the iron mans tenderness.

I like the cheers at the moment of winning the championship in the movie. Its not only the people in the film who shed tears, but also the burned me.

We did wait a long time.

The youth looked, looking for the budding passion.

Middle aged to see, back to the memory of the past.

The old man looked at it and relived the golden years.

In fact, what about the spirit of womens volleyball?

There are 10 hidden secrets behind us, which are worth pondering!

Every miracle of birth

Theyre all fighting for the jump

In 1979, the Chinese womens volleyball team was trained in the bamboo shed, and the conditions were extremely poor.

Wu Gang, who plays the coach, only does one thing when he hears that the American team is using advanced computers to assist in training.

If the environment is not enough, we should work hard to make up for it.

We are not afraid of short-term backwardness. What we are afraid of is that our ability is not enough and there is no remedy.

Maugham has a saying that has won many peoples sympathy: in this not perfect world, diligence will be compensated, while idleness will be punished.

It is true that those who force themselves often get good luck.

Who let time not ask the future, only ask if you have the ambition?

Life is forced by hardship

Womens volleyball girls pricked a wooden thorn in their hands and were all injured. No bone under the neck is good. On New Years Eve, they were still training.

Chen Zhaodi, an old womans volleyball player, was blocked in the competition. Unfortunately, she suffered a bone fracture. She still went out with bandages and one arm and finished the competition.

Lang Ping, 50, has a heart of 60 years old, a joint of 70 years old, full of injuries.

Crawling at night has never been enough for outsiders, which is the reason for their success.

So, in solitude to insist, in the suffering of efforts, silent against yesterdays own.

Because they know:

The glittering bullies have always been exchanged for less respectable ones.

All the counter attacks in the world,

It smells like desperate

Japanese womens volleyball team was once the king of volleyball.

Some people say that the Japanese team will not die.

But they didnt expect that the Chinese womens volleyball team would not die.

The Japanese team, who could not fight to death, was defeated by the Chinese team.

Afraid, better than you, but also more diligent than you.

Because, to be cruel to oneself is a persons advanced quality.

The strong make the opportunity

The weak miss the opportunity

At the beginning of the second round, the first opportunity to change the situation is as follows:

Lang Pings technicians find out the opponents weakness through the analysis of the computers field data, and design the tactics pertinently, and finally realize the reversal to win.

This is often the case in the battlefield. The strong make the opportunity, the weak lose the opportunity, and no opportunity becomes the best defense for the weak.

As the saying goes, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared.

So the real master never fluke, always in the accumulation of thin hair.

You know, lightning never falls twice in the same place, and people never walk twice in the same river.

Struggle is the highest level of social intercourse

Her weight-bearing performance was less than half of what the team required.

Not to mention playing games, she is not qualified to touch the ball.

As her strength gradually matured, her wings became more plump, and her teammates united with her.

Whether in the workplace, party or blind date, once we are pulled together, it proves that your status is almost the same.

The meaning of struggle is to break down the barriers of life and integrate into a better circle with our own efforts.

In the adult world, either outstanding or out.

As long as you are good, there will be a group of powerful people around you.

A really good man

Ive already given up glass heart

Zeng Chunlei was the captain of the 2015 World Cup; in 2016, she lost the Olympics due to injury.

Its a bone breaking pain.

In the movie, Zeng Chunlei cried and asked Lang Ping why he couldnt go to Rio?

Lang Ping just said sorry.

Im sorry, but more encouragement.

With the recovery of injury, Zeng Chunlei, who did not participate in the Olympic Games, also participated in the training and competition with optimism.

Dong Mingzhu has a profound saying: in the workplace, the thing that reduces work efficiency most is not to brush Taobao or chat with wechat, but glass heart.

This world, who is not one side wronged, over and over again.

The real strong, even in tears, also want to run, they never care about accidents and failure.

Therefore, people should be skin and solid.

Its very tiring to travel with a burden on your back,

Put down the burden and walk fast

The ways and methods of the 1980s are no longer suitable for womens Volleyball in the new era. Those traditional ideas have become a heavy burden.

Under the leadership of Lang Ping, the womens volleyball team follows the international trend, pursues the new technology, responds to the new change, will not fall behind the strong enemy.

The misfortunes of 80 or 90 years in our life are caused by unwillingness.

Give up, sometimes its timely stop loss.

In this world, if a man wants to have gains, he must have gains and losses.

What we lose is the burden we shouldnt have. Why not?

Its more important than winning

The reporter asked, why do you Chinese attach so much importance to winning or losing a volleyball match?

Our hearts are not strong enough. When one day our hearts are strong, we will not take winning as the only value of the game.

If the competition is so, so is life.

The value of living does not lie in how successful and powerful.

As Liu Zhenyun wrote in his book, life is not win or lose, but if you have the heart to win or lose, you are the loser.

Winning may not be pleasant, losing may not be sad, winning or losing is not everything.

Fall to stand up to determine the height of life.

True to true, hero cherish hero

In the womens volleyball final of Rio Olympic Games, China beat Serbia 3-1 to win the championship.

At the award ceremony, Lang Ping called Chen Zhonghe, the former head coach of the womens volleyball team.

Neither of them spoke, only the sound of the national anthem.

In this silent, there are womens volleyball girls fighting hand in hand for many years, as well as Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghes silent confidants.

Han en is shallow, Hu is deep, and life is happy in knowing each other.

The best friendship is just understanding and cherishing in the soul.

Its like, we just had tea yesterday.

Life is not a battlefield

Happiness is only for myself

Lang Ping told the new womens volleyball players from the bottom of his heart that volleyball is not the only one for you, and the victory or defeat of the game is not the only one. To enjoy volleyball, you should be yourself

Go in love.

Life, live is their own colorful, sunny and overcast days.

Sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, taste suitable for their own good;

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the climate is suitable for you.

The simplicity of time is that there is no need to live like everyone likes, and never live like everyone.

Then you can do whatever you want, how comfortable you are.

The spirit of womens volleyball is not to win the championship, but to catch up with stronger opponents with more efforts.

Instead, volleyball is a sport that always looks up.

Only by jumping high can you pick the sweetest fruit.

Life is also an experience of looking forward forever.

It is not because we see good results that we try hard enough to qualify for good results.

In the face of a strong enemy, it is not necessary to rush for quick success and instant benefit, but to realize the anti surpassing slowly;

Facing the past, we should be calm and not be fettered;

Face life, live incisively and vividly.

Finally, to win the championship is always to win your own.

Its a kind of confidence and excellence.

As time goes by, blood still burns.

At that time, you finally met a better self.