Dear self: Zhang Zhizhi, a courteous personality, love is not seeking perfection

 Dear self: Zhang Zhizhi, a courteous personality, love is not seeking perfection

For the first time, I think of very distant times. Women need to rely on men to live, women have no way to control their own destiny. The biggest luck is that my husband is better to himself. This is the first half of lifes desire, the second half of life is to be able to have a son and a half women to take care of themselves until the end of life. Its also bad luck for married women without children. Its better to have a son. A son can carry on the family line, and a daughter is a spilled water. The loser is better than none. Come on, its 2020. What else? Women are sorry for themselves.



The times are progressing, but the thoughts are still in the past. Zhang Zhizhi started her career because her family and her husband disappointed her too much. Now there is nothing more to look forward to than money. In order to earn more money, Zhang Zhizhi applied for a job transfer. At this moment to understand that flattering others is better than pampering yourself? Money, more real than love? It cant be too late, but it seems that everything should start from scratch. Love is not to seek perfection. You cant seek perfection. In the end, its easier to end up with an egg beat a chicken fly ending. Woman, do you want that?


Kaiqingzi also talked about Zhang Zhizhi: this character is not confident. He has been living around his husband and children, courting all the people around him and losing himself in life. For the sake of family, Zhang Zhizhi can be said to give wholeheartedly. In order to save money, I cant even afford to buy a piece of clothes; that bag has been used for several years. Whether at work or at home, it is always the one who is most neglected. I would like to say that I hope we can all cherish ourselves more. I think that we should first love ourselves before others will love us. It is very important to love ourselves.