Pregnancy forced marriage? Miss Chen Bihuan

 Pregnancy forced marriage? Miss Chen Bihuan

Chen Qiaoen, 41, was seen on the 29th to attend the birthday party of his good friend an Yixuan with his second-generation rich boyfriend, Zeng Weichang. Chen wore sneakers and baby clothes that night, giving off a strong sense of pregnancy, according to Taiwan media!

Chen Qiaoen and her boyfriend ran into an Yixuan and Chen Ronglian after they went upstairs. At first, an Yixuan didnt recognize Chen Qiaoen wearing a mask. Chen Qiaoen came forward to say hello and the two immediately chatted. The first time to see the babys Chen Qiao En also teased an Yixuans son 66 and said: how to address it? One after another praised an Yixuan: the maintenance is too good! Then a group of people walked and chatted into the venue.

The report also pointed out that Chen Qiaoen and an Yixuan, who will give birth next month, looked like pregnant CP. On the way, Chen and her boyfriend went out to the banquet hall hand in hand. They chatted and kept smiling as they walked. Judging from his back, Chens waistline was not as slim as a female star, and his stomach was still quite obvious. It is reported that this dress up of Chen Qiao En was also teased by an Yixuan on the party stage: who is the pregnant woman? Are you dressed like this Chen Qiaoen denied with a smirk.

Chen Qiaoen and his rich second-generation boyfriend attend a friends party, dress loose and suspect pregnancy? Chen Qiaoens performance is slightly protruding, which leads to controversy and grievance. This article comes from: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351