Hu Xinger said that if the rich businessmans husband cheated, he would not resolutely divorce and plan to have three children

 Hu Xinger said that if the rich businessmans husband cheated, he would not resolutely divorce and plan to have three children

If something like this happens, I may not be as rational as the role, because we have children, we also have to consider other family members, and we are reluctant to part with each other, so we wont divorce so resolutely, Hu said

Although Hu Xinger and Li Chengde love each other from love to marriage and have children, the Hong Kong media seem to be dissatisfied with Lis performance. On the one hand, Li Chengde was known as female star killer before he met Hu Xinger, and he had been in contact with many actresses. Therefore, before that, the outside world also worried that Hu Xinger would be in trouble again. However, in Hu Xingers opinion, he seemed to trust her husband and even consider children and family.

Later, Hu Xinger also said: maintaining marriage is a great learning, which not only requires both sides to compromise, but also accommodation and tolerance. If neither of them can do it, it will be difficult for them to continue their marriage. He also concluded: I think marriage is a compromise based on our own bottom line. Two people should have the same goal (live together) and both sides should be willing to do it Enough love, or it will be hard. Even compromise has a bottom line. At least, there is a goal that will last forever.

Hu Xinger, who is now the mother of two children, said she could have another daughter, and said frankly, I havent sealed my stomach, but I already have a plan. Ill give birth as soon as possible in a year or two, otherwise I wont be able to give birth.

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Before marrying Li Chengde, Hu Xinger and Huang Zongze were two famous entertainment lovers. They had been in love for eight years, and they loved each other vigorously. In 2005, Hu Xinger and TVB actor Huang Zongze fell in love with their roles in my savage grandmother. In December 2011, Hu Xinger made her love public at the TVB awards ceremony. Later, in the stage of love, the man was constantly exposed with lace news, many times with different women have intimate behavior, but Hu Xinger always choose to forgive. Until July 25, 2012, Hu Xinger admitted breaking up when she was interviewed by Zha Xiaoxin.

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