Red and black list of stock funds in the third quarter

 Red and black list of stock funds in the third quarter

At the same time, the funds listed on the list are further screened, excluding the funds with total assets of less than 50 million and established for no more than one month, and excluding the net value increase caused by non investment income, and sorting out the red and black list of stock funds in the third quarter of 2020. Through the long-term tracking of these funds, we try to find the funds with relatively high returns, relatively low risks and excellent long-term performance. At the same time, find out the potential risks and problems of some products to help investors lightning protection.

Ranked first for Boshi military industry theme, the funds yield in the third quarter reached 41.57%.

The second is the reform theme of Yingda state-owned enterprises with a scale of only 84.43 million yuan. The net value growth rate of the fund in the third quarter reached 30.05%. According to the second quarter report of the fund, combined with the setting of the investment purpose of the state-owned enterprise reform fund, the fund reduced the position of science and technology stocks in terms of investment strategy, and adjusted the position of stocks with undervalued and high dividend yield.

Interestingly, Guangfa high-end manufacturing a and ICBC Credit Suisses strategic transformation theme counter attack in the market turbulence in the third quarter, with the yield of 30.89% and 31.52% respectively in the past three months.

Among the ten funds listed in the third quarter, pharmaceutical theme funds and manufacturing theme funds, which were once popular, were listed one after another. Among them, Golden Eagle medical and health industry a / C and Haifutong advanced manufacturing a / C are on the black list again.

Take the largest withdrawal of Haifutong advanced manufacturing a / C as an example. The fund was established on December 17, 2019 with a share of 1.294 billion shares. The fund manager is LV yuechao. At the same time, the fund manager is in charge of three stocks, namely, Haifutong stock mix and Haifutong technology innovation a / C.

Among the positions of science and technology innovation fund and advanced manufacturing fund, the top ten heavy positions have reached 70% overlap, which are Jinshan office, Chengmai technology, Dongfang Tong, Weiwei, Zhaoyi innovation, Zhongfu information and Zhongke Shuguang. In the recent three months of volatile market, the shares of the above-mentioned heavy positions such as Chengmai technology, Dongfang Tong, Zhaoyi innovation and Zhongfu information all fell.

Table: red list of stock funds in September 2020 source: News Research Department of wind interface

In September, CCB new energy, led by Tao can and Tian Yuanquan, ranked first in terms of revenue. Although the fund was only established on June 17, its income has reached 21.14% since its establishment.

In the black list in September, agricultural industry, medicine and consumption were among the top drops.

Table: blacklist of stock funds in September 2020 source: News Research Department of wind interface

In this years market environment of rapid rotation of A-share plate, the agricultural industry plate once made excess returns for some funds. But in September, the agricultural sector suffered a collective Waterloo. According to wind data, the aquatic product index fell 9.01% in September, the biggest drop in 17 months; the seed industry index fell 13.11%, the biggest drop since its opening; and the pork index fell 19.10%.

In addition to agriculture, China Europe consumption theme, China Europe quality consumption, CICC new medicine and other funds also fell in the forefront.

Source: interface news editor: Zhang Mei_ NF2100