Forward looking: Jamie needs to continue to dominate, the Lakers strive to put out the heat 2-0 lead

 Forward looking: Jamie needs to continue to dominate, the Lakers strive to put out the heat 2-0 lead

We still have a lot of work to do. LeBron said, the job is not finished, we cant be complacent about winning a game, its that simple. LeBron is right. The team that wins game 4 in the finals can win the championship. So when the Lakers are not happy, all they have to do is improve their performance. LeBron scored 25 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists in the first game, showing a strong dominance. He should continue to drive the team with all-round performance and lead the team to better performance at both ends of attack and defense.

For the Lakers, they cant put all the pressure on the two leaders. Other players have to come forward and help. Pop, Greens first game in the outside line to bring the team the firepower needed support, which is one of the key points that they can lead up to 32 points. If these character players cant find the feel, the Lakers will also play very hard. In the second game, the heat will definitely play harder. The Laker team needs role players to keep in good condition. Pop, green, Kuzma, Caruso, Rondo and others should make efforts to contribute. Howard and Morris should give Davis more help in the interior.

Adebayor averaged 17.8 points and 10.9 rebounds in the playoffs, while Dragic averaged 19.9 points per game. They are the most dangerous attack points of the heat. If they cant play, it means that the heat need someone else to stand up. As a team leader, Butler also twisted his ankle in the first game, and at the press conference, his ankle was still wrapped in thick bandages. Now Butler has to play more aggressively and take more responsibility so that the heat will be more competitive.

We need to play harder and more militant, we didnt do what we should do. Butler talked about the teams first game performance. From what he said, people can see that the heat will fight back in the second game, and they will try to make more trouble for the Lakers.

Both sides are expected to start the lineup

Heat: Nunn, Robinson, Butler, Claude, orlinick

Lakers: pop, green, LeBron, Davis, Howard