51 year old Faye Wongs old photo was exposed and completely stupid after seeing it

 51 year old Faye Wongs old photo was exposed and completely stupid after seeing it

However, Ma Yuns singing in front of Faye Wong can only be regarded as not out of tune. After all, the painting style of solo after all is like this

(it is recommended to wear earphones and eavesdrop in a quiet place)

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Landing guy by Faye Wong (source: Netease fashion)

After listening to this gentle ballad for more than one minute, sister Yi has only one feeling: Im better again! A feather like light healing power, as if into my heart.

Maybe you know, but its hard to believe that Faye Wong is 51 years old now. In the absence of a beauty filter (this can be proved by Ma yunbaba), the skin can be so white and shiny, and the body is thin.

Lets enjoy the light black short hair and tight smooth jaw line, is the feeling of youth?

Feijie, who is please dont give me any money, always likes either dont do it or make a big noise..

For example, the official publicity has just become the global spokesperson of Neiwai underwear brand. This simple and comfortable high-level texture matches the temperament of Faye Wong.

And last year, it endorsed HR Helena, the top luxury beauty brand. Faye Wong is its first global spokesperson in China.

Why are these top brands willing to invest heavily in Faye Wongs endorsement after her disappearance?

Probably, the sense of being is eternal.

u2014u2014Although the elder sister is no longer floating in the lake, you will always be covered with her fashionable power.

If fashion is a circle of reincarnation, then Faye Wong is the one who draws the circle.

Is it because of the womens league that the popularity of bare waist croptop recently?

No, its Faye Wong in her early years. A kind of

Cool girls are dirty because its rapper?

According to the rule that todays female stars will go to hot search as long as they tie a ball, Faye Wong was probably going to live on hot search.

Love beans all over Asia, both men and women are in pursuit of the tear mark makeup, Faye Wong has long since fallen diamond tears at the concert.

The most classic group of sunburn makeup, to now is also a popular trend in daily necessities.

If you walk into a convenience store with this Coke Ad poster on the door, do you feel like youre going through it?

Wool rolls, tannins, fishing stockings, these elements are still the trend in 2020, but this poster is from 2000.

The sense of fashion has been maintained for 20 years. Are you surprised or surprised? For a while, I dont know how to sigh that Faye Wong has foresight, or should we reflect on our fashion standards? Has there been no progress?

In 2018, Faye Wong returned to participate in a music program. In her late 50s, she changed her bold and avant-garde style, took an elegant and atmospheric line, and had more neat and linear collocations.

The whole person is more and more C u00e9 line, 20 years of brand close friend has finally become human sign. When she was young, Faye Wong was unruly and uninhibited. Now, Faye Wong is not to be profane and playful.

Even if she is not a fan of Faye Wong, she may become a fan of her quotations. In addition to the sounds of nature, another aspect of the queen of heaven is probably because of her unique free and easy and courage.

In the entertainment boom of the 1990s, Faye Wong was the top traffic at that time and was also the trend icon. In Wang Fei, too many people repose their youth and memory. Classics may be treasured by time, but will not be replaced or forgotten.

Wang Fei, who watched the live karaoke, also thought of this years elder sister year. These so-called lost age advantage sisters still maintain the charm of Shaohua period and feel happy as the audience.

The existence of sister actually gives us more confidence

Dont be afraid of age. You can see that Wang Feis 50 years old is no different from 20 years old.

Dont be afraid to talk about it. You can see that people who love Zhang Yuqi still queue up to France.

Dont be afraid to be maverick, and you can be just as quiet as you want to be.

Who is the star of the double festival evening party of Li Qin re Ba Jiang? She called the second antique style, no one dare to be the first, who is rubbing the heat of whose? Gucci cooperates with the northface. Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Qianyi_ NB12476