Hui Ruoqi claims that Gong Li is quick to get involved in the drama. Meng: in a flash, she thinks she is Lang Ping

 Hui Ruoqi claims that Gong Li is quick to get involved in the drama. Meng: in a flash, she thinks she is Lang Ping

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Winning: Gong Li appeared on the set for the first time. Huiruoqi shakes three shakes. Its so much like our Lang director! (source: ~)

Hui Ruoqi also highly praised Gong Li for her excellent details. She imitated director Lang and grasped the essence, including the thumbs up when the other party yelled, and the ups and downs of walking could be accurately obtained. Even when she was on the scene, she would feel that Gong Li was Lang Ping and her voice was almost the same.

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Gong Li reveals that he has been watching Mo Lang for less than ten days to talk about praise and spurt: all accepted

Netease Entertainment reported on September 27, the circle of friends of Yan Yan, Gong Lis agent, was exposed. She disclosed her chat records with Gong Li. Gong Li wrote: I accept all praise, opinions and spurts. But I am still me, and I will go my own way. From the day the film winner was released, everything became a beautiful memory Everything is back to zero, everything starts from zero again! Go on, there is no way back. .

On September 25, the film champion directed by Chen Kexin and starred by Gong Li, Huang Bo, Wu Gang and China Womens volleyball team was officially released. The film was jointly shot by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the General Administration of sports of the peoples Republic of China. The film tells the history of Chinese womens volleyball team from winning the world championship for the first time in 1981 to winning the 10th World Championship in 2019, and interpreting the ups and downs of several generations of womens volleyball players who have been indomitable The legendary experience of continuous struggle.

In her conversation with Yan Yan, Gong Li recalled her experience of meeting Lang Ping. She revealed that she had only met Lang Ping twice before shooting the film. One time, when she was bidding for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, they went to Russia together. The second time we met was just before the film started. I went to their training base and watched Lang Ping and his team for less than 10 days, then watched three games. Before entering the group, I experienced life and started shooting in less than 13 days. The first play is a very professional, highly technical Sino US war! The pressure I felt when I was on the court is still fresh in my mind and I have a lot to remember The competition is still tense, think about it is such a wonderful life experience.

After the release of the film, the first day arrangement of champion accounted for 29.3%, with the box office of about 58 million yuan (including the premiere), squeezing out eight hundred to win the first place in the single day box office. According to lighthouse data, as of 14:00 on September 26, the box office of the film champion officially broke through the 100 million mark, with 2184000 viewers.

The winning teams, says Mr Chen. In the past three years, we have made materials with awe from screenwriters, and then adapted them. The casting deputy director selected the final dozen from thousands of womens volleyball players across the country to magic the performance teachers and train them into actors one by one. The art team has restored all the real details of Zhangzhou base for 80 years. Photographers and producers work hard day and night. The editing team endlessly showed the game to the point where it finally made the audience excited. In the later stage, the team pushed the sound effect and picture color matching to the extreme. Of course, we can not do without the music of teacher Mei Linmao. Finally, there are all the actors, with a sense of mission to show the style of your role prototype. Chen Kexin has all this in mind. All weve done is for today. Lets play.

Hui Ruoqi says Gong Li has a contrast with Meng. Gong Li reveals that she has been watching Mo Lang for less than ten days to talk about praise and spurt: she has accepted two days to break a hundred million yuan, which is also the title of two women named Lang Ping and Gong Li. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351

Hui Ruoqi says Gong Li is cute in contrast