Trump confirmed new crown, global market plunge, A50 Index fell more than 2percent

 Trump confirmed new crown, global market plunge, A50 Index fell more than 2percent

According to the previous report, on the evening of October 1, local time, US President trump confirmed that his senior female assistant, hope Hicks, tested positive for the new coronavirus. Trump said he and first lady Melania trump were tested for the new coronavirus on the evening of October 1, and the results are expected to be released soon.

In addition, trump announced on personal social media that he and the first lady would start the quarantine process while waiting for the latest test results.

In addition, the markets that are still trading today also fell sharply. Among them, the decline of Japans Dongzheng index expanded, and the Nikkei index also fell. The FTSE Singapore Strait index also dived.

In addition, it is worth noting that the FTSE China A50 Index fell more than 2%.

Intimate assistant confirmed that he had not worn a mask and had contact with many people

According to reports, on October 1, some white house staff who had close contact with Hicks were informed that the test results were positive. In Trumps inner circle, Hicks is the latest confirmed case. Senior staff, including Presidents national security assistant OBrien, have been recovering since the diagnosis. However, Hicks stayed with trump longer than any of his staff. Hicks has been an assistant to trump since the 2016 campaign. In addition to accompanying trump to the debate in Cleveland on the 29th, Hicks also accompanied trump to a rally in Minnesota on the 30th. According to media reports, Trump and his entourage did not wear masks when they entered the debate hall. Although some of them did wear masks, they took them off after they took their seats. Source: Securities Times u00b7 e company responsible editor: Zhang Mei_ NF2100