President trump and his wife have confirmed the new crown

 President trump and his wife have confirmed the new crown

According to the guardian, if Trumps illness worsens and he can no longer perform his duties, vice president burns will replace him. If burns is also infected and unable to perform his duties, he will be replaced by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives.

New crown test positive trump wife: we feel good at the moment

Melania tweeted: we feel good and I have postponed all upcoming offers. Please make sure youre safe and well get through it together.

Trump female assistant hope Hicks diagnosed new crown

On the night of October 1, Trumps senior aide, hope Hicks, diagnosed the infection. Hicks is one of Trumps closest aides. On September 29, she accompanied trump on air force one to Ohio to participate in the presidential debate. On September 30, she accompanied trump on Navy one to attend the rally in Minnesota. During these trips, Hicks did not wear a mask.

Hu Xijin: President trump himself paid a price for the United States to dilute the epidemic situation

Unfortunately, this news reflects the severity of the new outbreak in the United States. President trump has been trying to play down the impact and impact of the epidemic on the United States, let voters ignore the harm of the epidemic, and he himself has long refused to wear masks and inadequate protection. Politicians may have no choice but to do so under the American system, but its negative impact on American society is obvious. Now president trump himself and the first family have also paid a price, which can not be understood as the performance of sharing weal and woe between the president and the people. The United States should find a way to make everyone safer.

The US presidential election has entered the sprint stage, which should be a negative factor for the election of President trump.

In any case, I hope novel coronavirus pneumonia will be safe for president Trump and his wife to survive this difficult time.