If the heart is kind, step by step fragrance!

 If the heart is kind, step by step fragrance!

No matter what kind of tribulation youre going through,

No matter what kind of damage you get,

Always be a good person.

Kindness is the basic rule of life,

Kindness is the basic quality of treating people.

With a kind heart,

You can eliminate all hatred,

Be generous and tolerant, do not rob or fight,

Kindness is a kind of transmission,

Be generous and tolerant to others.

Because of goodness,

People care for each other and understand each other,

Kindness is not only an expression, but also an inner,

Truly good people,

In the details of life,

Give help and respect.

They cant do evil things, let alone calculate,

Put kindness before wealth.

Dont be afraid that kindness will suffer,

Because good people, heaven loves.

What people owe you, heaven make it up to you,

People hurt you, God protect you,

You just have to be kind,

Fortune is on the way.

You have to believe:

If the heart is kind, it will make fragrance step by step,

Be kind, God will help!

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