Recitation: to cultivate ones mind, only to be the best one

 Recitation: to cultivate ones mind, only to be the best one

If you stick to a clean place and cultivate your mind, you can resist the severe cold and heat, advance and retreat freely in the vicissitudes of life, dispel the fog of life, and remove the light dust that blinds the soul. Like a sudden summer rain, can let the dry heart get the moistening of rain and dew, and let the aging life move towards abundant peace.

Born to be a person, not looking forward to the future, not thinking about the past, knowing the present is the best life. Peace of mind is home. Live a good life, practice in life, live in practice. Learn to put down, not too persistent, will not let all kinds of worries trouble themselves.

Zeng Zi said, I examine myself three times every day. Self cultivation is self-cultivation. Like the ancient sages, we should start from childhood, start from a day and night, and cultivate ourselves. With gentle compassion and sincere and humble feelings, calm and calm, let yourself be the same as what you are, dont complain, and clearly know what you want.

He has a wonderful poetic heart, infiltrates perfect himself in the words, looks for the interest of life, makes the simple life poetic and elegant, and makes all kinds of life he experiences have poetic significance. Through a day-to-day pure mind and self-examination, we can get peaceful self-sufficiency, complete joy, and finally reach the other side of wisdom.

The most beautiful meeting is on the road, can let the body and mind get the best settlement. To be a person who likes to be close to nature, when you are in the continuous mountains, there is no place without Taoist temple. Every journey to the distance is a journey to cultivate the body and mind in the scenery.

High blue sky, the clouds, have already penetrated the shackles of the soul, I believe that the front of the line must be haze, bright and bright. Always look up between heaven and earth, far away from the disturbance of the world, do the fun of nature.

May the day be a good time and the season a season. Even if the heat is merciless and the heat wave is hard to stop, people are always at a loss. They are willing to keep their inner peace and find a comfortable cool place to spend another peaceful summer.

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