Wu Yanzu revealed that he had been asexual for 10 years, but now his old illness has recurred. The recent exposure is worrying

 Wu Yanzu revealed that he had been asexual for 10 years, but now his old illness has recurred. The recent exposure is worrying

The girls who passed by him looked back one after another.

A sharp side face.

Thick eyebrows, big eyes.

There is a beauty in my bones.

The woman looked moved, the man saw, the heart also cant help weighing a few points.

His face, doomed him to have an extraordinary life.

Many times, he said:

Its boring to face this face every day.

Handsome, nothing good.

At first glance, you think hes acting like a bully.

But some people, indeed, have been on the road of handsome but not self-conscious all their life.

Wu Yanzu was born in San Francisco in 1974.

His father is an American engineer and his mother is a university professor.

The gentle Chinese property family has made Wu Yanzu a bit more bookish.

But hes not a nerd.

I love punk, heavy metal, and Kubricks clockwork orange.

At the age of 18, he was admitted to the University of Oregon.

In the Department of architecture, he is an a + student.

Many nights, he sat in the light, sketching on paper.

Alone, enjoy the quiet.

In his blueprint, there are houses facing the sea and girls picking up conch together.

Life is ordinary and simple.

However, fate does not play cards according to common sense.

By chance, his fate was rewritten.

In the year of graduation, he took up his luggage and traveled to Hong Kong.

In order to raise enough money, his sister recommended him to be a model.

185 body, a human and animal harmless face.

Wu Yanzu became a favorite in the advertising industry.

But for him who just graduated, he just wanted to earn some money and continue to travel.

After selecting thousands of boys, none of them is in line with his inner beautiful youth appearance.

He was asked, what do you want?

He couldnt answer, but nobody felt right.

Good fit, good fit. Thats him

Lin Qingxia saw the photo and praised: I feel like a good boy.

It is worth mentioning that love of a beautiful boy is an earlier gay film.

Ang Lees Brokeback Mountain has not been filmed yet.

He Baorong and Li Yaohui have become classics in Wong Kar Wais spring light.

Wu Yanzu was just born, but he wanted to challenge the role of comrades.

He was hesitant and afraid.

At the same time, he was attracted by an unknown novelty.

Its not pornography, its art.

Wu Yanzu nodded, looked at the director and said:

If I dont play well, dont blame me.

Wu Yanzu first appeared on the screen and fell in love with four seats.

Photo source: Douban @ the love of the beautiful youth

This kind of opening, doomed Wu Yanzu will rely on face to eat.

Photo source: Douban

It is Xing Zhigang, the provocative male teacher in a dream in the garden.

People envied his figure and marveled at his temperament.

More and more people love him.

He was not happy.

No one told him what to shoot.

When he arrived on the set, the director just said, take off your clothes.

He refused, he resisted.

But a contract tied him to death.

He had to obey.

When he took off his clothes and left only his underwear, a sense of shame surged into his heart.

What am I doing, why am I in this place, doing this kind of thing.

He was angry and aggrieved.

Young people with amazing appearance.

Why did you come here and make some worthless and meaningful movies?

Wu Yanzu, who had always been gentle, had to say to the company:

He began to doubt his choice when he made a third grade film.

He stopped for a year.

At the same time, parents keep asking:

When will you be able to come back for a serious job?

Give me a little more time.

This is what Wu Yanzu said most to his parents.

Playing different roles, he gradually fell in love with the career of acting.

Unfortunately, there are always differences between reality and ideal.

There is no breakthrough in the role of beautiful man.

All these made him feel helpless about his appearance.

Everyone is so handsome when they see me. They cant see anything else.

Until 2004, er Dongsheng invited Wu Yanzu to shoot night in Mongkok.

His direction became clear.

As soon as he heard that the part was playing the killer, he loved it very much.

No meat, no color.

Just looking at acting is what Wu wants.

He loved Quentins aesthetics of violence.

As a result, he made a decision at a later stage

He plays the villain, the pervert, and some characters with complex human nature.

So, we see the undercover Ali in the disciples.

Ah Jie, the gang leader in Shinjuku Incident.

He is so clean, but he often puts himself in the dark in his characters.

He was asked why he liked movies about human nature?

He said faintly: in fact, everyone has a dark side in their hearts.

Those in the sun,

Looking at the sky at 45 degrees,

The beautiful man in the starry River,

There will also be their own dark side.

Its just memories that people dont want to touch.

Its dark, almost wet.

Over the years, most of Wu Yanzus news is related to his works.

He became a movie star and an adjective.

However, his gossip is rare.

Is Wu Yanzu gay?

Tall. The facial features are deep.

Photo source: Internet

Her father is the president of Caesar Palace Casino in Las Vegas.

Shes not married.

Never thought that one day will be a wife, a mother.

But when she met Wu Yanzu, everything changed quietly.

She thought there would be a lot of girls out there who would like me. In fact, I am a more loyal person.

In Wu Yanzus heart, he chose a relationship and would go on forever.

He didnt want to divorce at will, and never made love a trifle.

He is indeed a staunch.

He has been in love with Lisa for eight years, and he has never had an affair with any other actress.

Even Lu Chuan, the director of cooperation, said:

He always keeps a moderate distance from the women in his circle. I admire him very much.

Photo source: Internet

In fact, Wu Yanzus parents had a deep and serious attitude towards his feelings.

Theyve been kind all their lives.

54 years together, it touched me a lot.

However, her girlfriend lost her trust in marriage because of her parents divorce.

Eight years ago, on the matter of marriage, Wu Yanzu compromised.

Eight years later, he couldnt help but try Lisa again

I never thought I would be with anyone else. I think we should be together forever.

So I want to have a baby with you.

At the age of two, parents quarreled about separation.

This shadow has always been deep in Lisas heart.

Wu Yanzu is the light that shines into the shadow.

Give her a sense of security.

Let her believe in love and marriage.

In 2010, they went to South Africa.

They also own a cabin in South Africa.

They spent a month and a half here.

Theres no electricity, no cell phones, nothing about technology.

Do things that interest each other.

They can also talk for a day and a night.

It doesnt seem to get bored. I think this person is what I want in my life.

When Wu Yanzu mentioned that time, he could not hide his joy.

Photo source: Internet

In 2013, they finally had their own baby.

If she is a beautiful woman, her life may be limited.

Beautiful appearance, attractive things are not necessarily good.

Wu Yanzu said frankly that he hoped his daughter, the more ordinary, the better.

In middle age, his heart becomes softer and softer.

One for the child.

One for the wife.

These years, he has become the object of public ridicule.

Not long ago, he posted on the Internet that after ten years of marriage, my XX is probably the cleanest part of my body, which makes people daydream.

Photo source: Internet

The male god who cant stop at a glance has no sexual life.

Over the years, he was often ill and hospitalized.

Looking at the picture, there are many vicissitudes.

Photo source: microblog @ Wu Yanzu

Many netizens said: todays Wu Yanzu, has become Su Daqiang.

Although it is a joke, but also a bit sad.

And we, too, have grown up.

The 30th of September, just past, was his 46th birthday.

A late blessing to our God.

Author: fish sweet