Hong Kong media reports: the US government announced that Hong Kong was included in the refugee reception scheme for the first time

 Hong Kong media reports: the US government announced that Hong Kong was included in the refugee reception scheme for the first time

According to Hong Kong media reports, trump issued the Hong Kong normalization executive order on July 14, which mentioned that the upper limit of refugee access set by the annual presidential decision should be redistributed to Hong Kong residents for humanitarian reasons within the feasible scope and in accordance with applicable laws.

The U.S. State Department announced that the new years proposed resettlement plan for refugees will continue to be specially allocated to those who suffer or fear persecution because of their religious problems, Iraqis who have helped the United States and refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Cuba and Venezuela, the report said.

According to the report, the U.S. State Department announced that the United States is expected to receive more than 300000 new refugees and asylum seekers in fiscal year 2021, including 15000 refugees under the US refugee reception program and more than 290000 will be asylum seekers. It is the first time that Hong Kong has been included in a specific category of refugee distribution, the report said.

In recent years, the United States has continuously interfered in Hong Kongs internal affairs, and at the same time has passed a number of bills to publicize the illegal actions of the opposition. In November 2019, trump signed the Hong Kong Bill of rights and democracy. Hong Kongs Star Island daily once commented that if the United States does not know how to advance or retreat and insists on a strong attack, it will most likely suffer its own consequences and become the biggest loser. The article holds that the United States does not have many cards to play against China, and the central government is bound to move forward bravely, and Hong Kong will become more and more secure. Many citizens will be gratified by this.

Oriental Daily said that the central government implemented the national security law in Hong Kong, and the Western Anti China forces were furious. The central government has known this for a long time. The United States thought that it would make the sky fall, so it was doomed to fail. Ming Paos editorial also said that in Hong Kong, a small group of Hong Kong Independence elements pinned their hopes on the White House. However, as far as the west is concerned, Hong Kong has always been a pawn for the west to obtain various interests. It is believed that Hong Kongs destiny can be entrusted to the West. In the end, it will only be Nankes dream.

The Ministry of foreign affairs has long responded to the announcement by the United States that it will start the process of canceling Hong Kongs special treatment policy in an attempt to put pressure on China. At a regular press conference on June 1, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said: the US leaders have completely ignored the facts about Chinas various accusations. The measures announced seriously interfere with Chinas internal affairs and undermine Sino US relations, which will certainly harm others and harm themselves. China firmly opposes this.

Zhao Lijian said that Hong Kong is Chinas Hong Kong, and Hong Kong affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs. The decision made by the National Peoples Congress of China on the establishment and improvement of the legal system and implementation mechanism for safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the exercise of the power conferred by the Chinese constitution. The purpose of the decision is to make up for the lack of national security legislation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, so as to better implement one country, two systems and maintain the long-term stability and prosperity of Hong Kong, which no foreign country has Power interference should not interfere. The Chinese government is unswervingly determined to safeguard the interests of national sovereignty, security and development, to implement the principle of one country, two systems, and to oppose any illegal interference in Hong Kong affairs by any external force. The US sides arbitrary interference in Hong Kong related national security legislation completely violates international law and the basic norms of international relations, which is doomed to failure. If China and the United States work together, they will benefit both sides; if they fight, they will both hurt. Zhao Lijian said that China is committed to working with the United States to develop a relationship of non conflict, non confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation. At the same time, China will firmly safeguard its own interests in sovereignty, security and development. China urges the US side to immediately correct its mistakes, abandon the cold war zero sum thinking and ideological bias, carefully and properly handle relevant issues, and not go further and further along the wrong path.

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(embassy building)

The statement pointed out that on the afternoon of October 1, more than ten Hong Kong Independence thugs openly burned the Chinese flag in front of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, stormed and damaged the main gate of the embassy, and posted Hong Kong Independence slogans in public. These abominable acts wantonly damaged and insulted the national flag, violated the national and national dignity, seriously violated the law of the peoples Republic of China on the national flag and the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the peoples Republic of China on safeguarding national security, seriously challenged Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity, and seriously threatened the safety of the buildings and personnel of the museum! We express our strong indignation at this despicable act and severely condemn it! This fully exposes the ugly face of violence and law breaking of Hong Kong Independence elements and the real plot of opposing China and disturbing Hong Kong! Their perverse actions will never succeed, and their acts of splitting the country and betraying the country for glory will be rejected by history and the people!

The Chinese Embassy in the UK has made solemn representations to the British police and the British Ministry of foreign affairs, demanding that the British side promptly carry out an investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible. The Chinese Embassy in Britain urges the British side to earnestly fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the host government stipulated in the Vienna Convention on foreign relations, safeguard the sanctity of diplomatic embassies and consulates, and ensure the safety and dignity of the premises and personnel of Chinese embassies and consulates. (end)

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According to media reports, in recent years, some Hong Kong rioters are ready to stir up again, trying to plot riots and prepare to disrupt the public order in Hong Kong. These rioters collected a large number of weapons and knives, and plotted to launch a large-scale illegal assembly.

Hong Kong seizes arsenal

It is reported that these weapons were purchased from abroad and then sold to Hong Kong rioters. Fortunately, the Hong Kong police found the dangerous goods in time and seized them in time. If these rioters use these weapons to carry out riots in the streets, many innocent Hong Kong people and the Hong Kong police will be injured, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

Investigation by Hong Kong Police

After the arrest of a man and his mother, Hong Kong police will charge them with three charges of possession of firearms and ammunition without license, importing strategic goods without permission and possession of offensive weapons. The source of these weapons will be investigated. To investigate how these weapons entered Hong Kong and through which websites and channels they purchased them.

As can be seen from the purchase page, this is a self-defense weapon. According to the laws and regulations of Hong Kong, the so-called pepper Pinball guns have always been regarded as firearms. It is illegal for ordinary people to trade or thugs to trade. Moreover, according to Hong Kong law, the crime of possession of firearms without permission is very serious, and the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment. It can be seen that these Hong Kong thugs and Hong Kong Independence elements have not given up. They still want to plan riots and make Hong Kong into chaos, so that they may have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

The government of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) has been arresting these rioters. Especially after the national security law came into force, the SAR government has never been soft on these criminals. The central government has always been highly supportive of the SAR government and adheres to the principle of one country, two systems. Everything is solved by the SAR government. These rioters not only endanger the public security of Hong Kong, but also endanger the normal development of Hong Kong, making Hong Kongs economy in a state of decline. If they are caught, they must be severely punished.

Hong Kong drug teachers say we are not Chinese and slander mainlanders as locusts

Since Hong Kongs return to the motherland in 1997, one of the important reasons why Hong Kongs drug forces have become large is that Hong Kongs education has almost fallen into the enemys hands and patriotism has been suppressed in Hong Kong.

Not only are there a large number of Hong Kong drug teachers, but the teaching materials of the school are full of Hong Kong drug thoughts and slander against the mainland. From the beginning of childhood, they have comprehensively instilled the ideas of Hong Kong drugs and hatred of the country to generations of Hong Kong people.

We have seen many Hong Kong textbooks before, especially the contents of Hong Kong drugs in general education and crazy rumors about the mainland, which can be said to be shocking.

Since Hong Kongs national security law came into effect, the Hong Kong government has rectified education and demanded a review of general education courses, which immediately met with fierce opposition from Hong Kong drug forces.

However, this measure of the Hong Kong government still plays a very important role. At present, a variety of Hong Kong drug teaching materials have been found and eliminated from schools.

However, the Hong Kong drug forces are still trying their best to inculcate the thoughts of Hong Kong drugs and hatred against China through all channels, so as to cultivate new talents of Hong Kong drugs.

Recently, a Hong Kong drug teacher was exposed by a Hong Kong parent.

The Bay Area Parents Association shared a picture of parents exposure on the social networking site. It was an English teacher, Kenneth Lau, from Zunli school, known as the leader in the tutorial world. He used Hong Kong drug teaching materials to spread Hong Kong drug ideas.

On the teaching notes of the Hong Kong drug teacher, there is an English model essay on Hong Kong drugs. The content of the scope is full of Hong Kong drug thoughts, attacks and slanders against the mainland.

Then, ask the students to say we are not Chinese, we are Hong Kong people, thats all!

It is not the first time that this famous school obeying school has been exposed that some teachers have openly engaged in separatist activities against Hong Kong drugs. In July this year, as soon as the national security law of Hong Kong came into effect, a teacher of the school published a post which contained Hong Kong drugs.

In the past few days, there was a serious incident of Hong Kong drug abusers openly spreading Hong Kong drugs during the remedial study in this school.

However, it is not individual schools, individual teachers and individual phenomena that Hong Kong drug teachers openly spread and instill Hong Kong drugs in schools.

Another school, Carmi middle school, also witnessed the activities of Hong Kong drug teachers openly spreading and instilling Hong Kong drugs.

This incident is also due to parents dissatisfaction and disclosure to reporters. The Hong Kong Education Bureau has obviously done nothing.

In an article published by Mr. Ruan Guofa, a Chinese teacher in Hong Kong, who was suspected of poisoning the Chinese language teachers in Hong Kong, Mr. Chen Huifen, accused the Chinese teachers of Hong Kong of defaming the Chinese language class.

The article published by the teacher was adapted from Lu Xuns Kong Yiji. By slandering Foreign Minister Wang Yis visit to five European countries, the teacher discredited Hong Kongs national security law and promoted Hong Kongs independence.

Mr. Chen was very angry about this and told reporters: patriotism is an instinctive act. Without a country, we are the pariah who has been humiliated and suppressed. These yellow skin and white heart teachers, who do not want to be Chinese, can emigrate to other countries. Spreading humiliating remarks in class affects the mind of middle school students and is not worthy of being a teacher.

Wu Miaoyi, the principal of Carmi middle school, admitted to such a serious drug activity, but claimed that the teacher himself did not strictly check the quality of the article. The school is deeply sorry that this material is not the schools position. At the same time, he also claimed that the teacher has realized that his material selection is too rough and has not made proper quality inspection. He feels very uneasy and sorry for this..

That is to say, the Carmel middle school has already washed away the poison of the port: carelessly, not intentionally!

So, of course, there is nothing to deal with. Carmel middle school just issued a so-called written warning and then falsely demanded that all the subject groups of the school should have better shutdown system in the future.

It just claimed that the Education Bureau has asked the school to investigate the incident and submit a report. If it is found that the case involves teachers violation of professional ethics, the Education Bureau will seriously follow up.

In other words, nothing was done.

With regard to the chaos in Hong Kongs education sector and the fact that drug activities in Hong Kong schools are still rampant, Liang Zhenying, former chief executive and vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference, solemnly pointed out yesterday: (Hong Kong) Secretary for education Yang runxiong said that if teachers commit generally unacceptable behaviors, including swearing or cursing others, the authorities will also take action.

Then Mr Leung asked the Hong Kong Education Bureau: what actions has the Education Bureau taken so far? Even if they denounce and warn, they insist on not disclosing the names of the teachers who are reprimanded and warned, and the names of the schools involved, so that the parents are kept in the dark

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