Apple: restore iPhone and apple watch factory settings to address GPS data loss

 Apple: restore iPhone and apple watch factory settings to address GPS data loss

In addition, some users reported that their applewatch and iPhone Battery consumption was too high under ios14 and watchos7. Some users said that the GPS and serious battery exhaustion problem on watchos7 can be solved by simply re pairing and restoring the watch.

It seems that Apple has adopted this suggestion as an official solution to the problem. In a newly released supporting document entitled if you lose your work out GPS route or health data after updating to ios14 and watchos7, Apple wrote that users may have the following problems after upgrading to IOS 14 and watchos7.

In the fitness app on the iPhone, your fitness roadmap is missing from applewatchs previous GPS enabled exercise.

Activity, heart rate, or other health-related apps cannot start or load data on the applewatch.

The fitness app or health app cant start or load information on iPhone.

Health apps or fitness apps report inaccurate data storage on your iPhone.

The health app on iPhone lacks ambient sound level data from applewatch or headphone audio level data.

Your iPhone or applewatch has increased battery power consumption.

It home learned that if you have two or more of the above symptoms on your watch, apple recommends that you uncouple the applewatch, back up your iPhone and applewatch at the same time, restore the factory state of the two devices, and then recover from the backup. Apple provides steps to accomplish these tasks in the support documentation released today.

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