6percent discount in real estate sales promotion

 6percent discount in real estate sales promotion

In the new housing market, according to the data of Shell Research Institute, from January to September, the cumulative number of new housing transactions in 66 cities decreased by 9.4% year-on-year, and the transaction area decreased by 8.8% year-on-year, 5-6 percentage points narrowed than the cumulative decline in the second quarter. The market recovery rate continued to slow down after the upgrading of local regulation and control.

In the case that the golden nine is not available in the traditional peak sales season, is the silver ten available?

There was no small climax on the first day of the holiday, but it was relatively high. According to the above store manager, the first day of the National Day holiday coincides with the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival. Many intermediary agencies have a holiday on the first day, and only the stores have staff on duty. From the market performance point of view, the transaction is relatively stable, the store where it is in a total of 2 transactions on the first day of holiday.

On the one hand, affected by the holiday of intermediary stores, on the other hand, the first day of the holiday visitors did not reach a high level, but the number of customers who made an appointment to see the house increased significantly. It is expected that the transaction volume on the following days of the holiday can reach 5-6 orders. Said the store manager.

For the Shenzhen property market, affected by the property market regulation policy, the market has cooled down. However, the staff of intermediary agencies said that although the market was not as good as before, it did not affect the just needed customers. On the first day of the National Day holiday, many customers still consulted about buying and seeing houses.

Zhang Bo, President of anjuke Real Estate Research Institute branch, pointed out that the property market may still maintain a high market heat in October this year. Under the premise of stable short-term market environment and policy keynote, the actions of real estate enterprises to sell profits and promote sales will continue to increase, simultaneously stimulating the rapid release of house purchase demand. From the 53 cities monitored by anjuke, the number of houses with pre-sale certificates increased by more than 30% in the second half of September compared with the first half of the same period. It can be seen that the real estate enterprises are fully prepared for the National Day holiday in October, and the actions of cities to promote attention through discount and promotion are also increasing.

Zhang Bo believes that due to the extra long holiday time in October and the difficulties in overseas travel, it is expected that a large number of people will flow to the sales offices. Many real estate enterprises have also prepared for the growth of house viewing flow during the period of the national day of the peoples Republic of China. It is estimated that the actual market transactions in October may exceed that in September.

Pan Hao, a senior analyst at Shell Research Institute, also believes that due to the influence of the property market regulation policies, as well as the bright transaction scale of the real estate market in August this year, there are rush to run and other factors, which lead to the lack of golden nine in the property market this year. However, in September this year, the subscription index of brokers shopping shows increased significantly, that is, many of them did not turn into transactions in the current month. This shows that some house buyers have been on the wait-and-see period before the festival, or it is also related to consumers expectation that real estate enterprises may have discount and promotion activities in the National Day golden week. Therefore, the shell Research Institute expects that there may be a wave of new house transactions in the golden week of the national day, which will support the silver ten of the real estate market this year.