Ericsson, Nokias 5g equipment orders surge, Huawei stagnates

 Ericsson, Nokias 5g equipment orders surge, Huawei stagnates

In the global communication equipment market, Ericsson and Nokia ranked second and third respectively, and Huawei of China ranked first. In the first half of last year, Ericsson and Nokia had been in a backward position, which was inconsistent with their position in the 4G device market.

Samsungs rise lies in that it has seized the domestic and American markets in South Korea. It has won a large number of orders in the local market by relying on localization advantages. In order to provide 5g services in Pingchang Winter Olympics, the rapid construction of 5g network in South Korea provides an opportunity for Samsung. In the U.S. market, operators are reluctant to use expensive 5g devices from Ericsson and Nokia, Samsung is willing to provide affordable 5g devices, so Samsung has won the support of Verizon, the largest carrier in the U.S. market.

Nowadays, Europe, the worlds most valuable communication equipment market, has begun to build 5g network. Many communication equipment manufacturers begin to compete in this market. Who can gain advantages in the European communication equipment market will determine their position in the 5g equipment market.

Originally, Huawei had the most advantages in the European market. In the 4G era, Huawei was in a leading position in the European communication equipment market. Even Ericsson and Nokia, the local European communication equipment manufacturers, could not cope with Huaweis competition. Relying on the foundation laid by the 4G equipment market, Huawei should continue to maintain its advantages in the 5g equipment market in Europe.

As of September this year, Ericssons and Nokias 5g equipment contracts have increased to 109 and 83 respectively, while Huaweis 5g equipment contracts have only increased by 1 to 92 in the past half a year after reaching 91 contracts in February this year. Obviously, Huawei has fallen into a stagnant state in the 5g equipment market, and Huawei is facing the situation of being attacked by Ericsson and Nokia.

Although Huaweis 5g equipment contracts are stagnant, Huaweis 5g base station shipment is estimated to be the first in the world, mainly because China is the worlds largest 5g equipment market. It is estimated that by the end of this year, 600000 5g base stations will be built in China, accounting for nearly half of the number of 5g base stations built in the world. Huawei will undoubtedly have an advantage in Chinas local market.

Recently, China Mobiles 5g equipment bidding shows that Huawei has won half of the share. In the first half of this year, Huawei also basically obtained half of the bidding results of the three major operators. In this way, only relying on the Chinese market can basically ensure that Huawei ranks first in the global 5g equipment market.