Xu Jiayu: physical training is very important. I have vomited and been injured in 3000 meters

 Xu Jiayu: physical training is very important. I have vomited and been injured in 3000 meters

Xu Jiayu celebrated after the game.

Xu Jiayu: I have vomited and been injured in 3000 meters

Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei and Yang junxuan performed their monologue in the preliminaries of the mens and womens 4 u00d7 100m medley relay, breaking the world record in 3 minutes, 38 seconds and 41 seconds, 0.15 seconds faster than the previous world record set by American athletes.

In an interview with China sports daily before, Xu Jiayu said, for a period of time, the improvement in physical fitness has supported my better performance in the sprint stage of swimming competitions. I put my special focus and willpower on physical training, and made sure that physical training and special training are equally important.

In the physical fitness test before the race, Xu Jiayu scored 47 points (out of 50 points), ranking second among the top 16 athletes in the 200m backstroke preliminaries.

To tell you the truth, Im afraid of running 3000 meters. Ive vomited during the test and Ive been injured. But we cant find an excuse for poor performance. We should find ways to improve our performance.

In order to better complete the 3000 meter race, Xu Jiayu began to reduce body fat. At present, his body fat rate has reached 9%, and his small goal in the next stage is to control the body fat rate at about 7.5%.

In the rest of the competition, Yu Yiting, who won the womens 400m Medley champion, ranked first in the preliminary of 200m individual medley, while ye Shiwen, the Grand Slam winner, was temporarily ranked second with a slight disadvantage of 0.27 seconds. Both of them reached the Olympic a-bid.

Wang Shun of Zhejiang team was the first to reach the finish line in the mens 200m individual medley preliminary, and Qin Haiyang of Shanghai team ranked second, both of them reached the Olympic a standard. However, due to the physical fitness test results failed to reach the top eight, Qin Haiyang and other outstanding preliminary results will not be eligible for the final.

Previously, Qin Haiyang was rejected by the final of 400m individual medley, 100m breaststroke and 200m breaststroke for the same reason.

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