What did she do when she became CEO harvester?!

 What did she do when she became CEO harvester?!

Do not decorate the facial features defects to a perfect state, but emphasize the good-looking parts of the face, so that your whole person highlights more prominent.

It is not the same, showing a unique charm.

The make-up looks clean and daily, but it is not ordinary. It pays attention to the unity of colors. Through the superposition of halo dyeing of the same color system, it can create a sense of hierarchy.

Lets take a closer look. The color of eye makeup, lip makeup, eyebrows and blush is very close. It doesnt violate the collocation of the makeup.

It gives people a very harmonious and comfortable feeling. It is natural to give people the signal that you are growing like this.

1u3001 Base Makeup:

No time + nature.

2u3001 Eyebrows:

Wild hairy feeling.

Technique: eyebrow powder and dye eyebrow cream make it easier to create the eyebrow with daily miscellaneous feeling!

Very important!

Lightning protection: brightly coloured, too many colors overlay; eye liner elongated, black tip (obvious eye liner), can be micro flash, refused to exaggerate large flash.

Highlights: focus on creating a sense of innocence.

Four, blush is very important!

Tip2: innocent: from the bottom of the eyes to the cheekbones, playing upward, the feeling of slight drunkenness is easier to create a young girls feeling (not suitable for Jimei with prominent cheekbones)

Key points: according to the lip shape full color, slightly glossy feeling.

Available: Nude, pink, peach, earth, rose.

Avoid: true red or bright colors.

We have made clear the characteristics of Japanese makeup. Lets start to practice with me!

Satomi Ishihara online cloud imitation Makeup: bead bright face eye shadow.

1. The effect of this eye makeup is very glossy, but it does not use the scallion color which has a strong sense of existence. Instead, it uses the micro bead light color layer by layer. What is needed is that there will be a little bit of feeling in the blink of an eye inadvertently.

2. With golden brown spread in the fold of double fold eyelid, the range of halo dyeing should be controlled within 2-3mm of the eye opening;

3. And then flash the color in the middle of the eyelid;

Want to reduce age, that water toot lip make-up will appear more lively some, so can use the mirror Lip Glaze that shows color more. Also, it is important to highlight the lying silkworm.

1. Before painting, you should cover the dark circles under your eyes, otherwise it will look dirty;

2. Although the lying silkworm is from under the eyelashes, it is best to draw about 1-2mm away from the eyelash root.

3. After all, the best place for lying silkworms is a little bit lower under the eyelashes, so leaving some space between the eyelashes will make the painting more natural.

4. Lying silkworm does not need to draw a long one at present, which will look very stiff.

Lying silkworm is an essential part of reducing the age and improving the affinity, but many people are always a little confused about lying silkworm and pouch.

In fact, it is very simple to find the lying silkworm. It is a protuberance next to the eyelashes. It is plump and mellow. When you smile, it will be more obvious.

And pouch is an inverted triangle at present, no matter laugh or not, it is there, not sad or happy.

It is not only old and ugly, but also not easy to eliminate~

There are two causes of baggy eyes

One is the family genetic history, younger people will also have pouch.

1. Non operative treatment

Through surgical treatment, the excess fat can be removed and the skin and muscle of the eyes can be tightened.

Traditional blepharoplasty can be divided into internal incision (transconjunctival approach) and external incision (skin approach)

In this way.

How to prevent the generation of eye bags:

1. Pay attention to regular work and rest, do not face the computer or mobile phone for a long time.

2. Sunscreen, prevent solar aging; regular work and rest, quit smoking and alcohol.

The key to Japanese girlhood is to protect the eyes and make them look younger~

They are more inclined to develop their strong points and avoid their weaknesses according to their own style and temperament, rather than the uniform beauty. They do not avoid some of their own small shortcomings, and magnify their own advantages. They look natural and have affinity.

So, my friends, take time to practice, dont always stare at some of your small shortcomings, but you have more flash points waiting to be discovered!