54 years old, live a natural and unrestrained life, wearing red flower skirt walking dog, tie a pair of horse tail, sweet smile like a girl

 54 years old, live a natural and unrestrained life, wearing red flower skirt walking dog, tie a pair of horse tail, sweet smile like a girl

When a woman reaches a certain age, her body will be more or less fleshy. Loose clothes can be a good way to modify her body defects. At the same time, there is no sense of bondage, and the comfort is very high. Loose shirt with wide leg pants, light and smooth material, practice and leisure. The short sleeve jacket can trim the lines of the shoulders and arms, and the wide leg pants are very friendly to women with fat on their waist, abdomen and thighs.

In order to look less fat, such a loose style is especially suitable for women with slightly fat figure. However, attention should be paid to the creation of waistline. If the effect of straight up and down without waistline is presented, it will feel very sloppy instead. Zhou Haimeis shirt has a elastic drawstring design at the waist, which can tighten the waist position. The waist line will be very delicate and neat, and the proportion of her body can be adjusted.

Highlighting the advantages of long legs will make people ignore the problem of body, and can also make the body look tall and slim. With a certain color fishermans cap, can modify the face shape, round face women are especially suitable for wide brim hat, small round face seconds become small pointed face. Although Zhou Haimei was not married, her single life was extremely wonderful. She often took her dog for a picnic and became a bachelor.

Zhou Haimeis maintenance is not out of the question. She also likes bright colors when she wears them. For example, Zhou Haimeis red and green dress is very bright in color and easy to feel rustic. But the design of sling completely does not have this problem, revealing the skin of shoulder and arm is very white. At the same time, the printing is easy to swell. The skin revealing design weakens the heavy feeling of shoulders. Combined with the high waist long skirt design, it is easy to create a perfect body proportion. It has to be said that Zhou Haimeis figure is really good, which also adds a lot of color to this skirt.

Bright print control year some high, so some of the broken flowers are easy. Zhou Haimeis black bottomed Jumpsuit shows her temperament. Broken flowers used light pink color, very girlish feeling, and will not have the suspicion of being tender. The leg of the pants is integrated with a large lace design, so that the very common one-piece pants have a look. With the wide leg and the ear edge design, the pants look more elegant and flexible. The dark one-piece pants have a formal sense. A small design weakens the problem of aging and dullness. Take a look at the figure of this slender waist and long legs, which is really enviable.

Many middle-aged women still like a more simple and refreshing effect, so casual wear is a good choice. The effect of age reduction is not bad at all, but also more energetic. People of any figure can control it. The white T-shirt is clean and fresh, and the wide leg pants with high waist hide meat and show thin. In particular, the waist design is very recommended, such a waist design is more leg length, not to mention the waist and abdomen fat figure is very friendly. With a small white coat, its comfortable and layered. It looks like its not very linear, but its still neat and dynamic.

Zhou Haimei, 54, is not old at all. Her face is white and tight, and she is no less than a girl. Not only the appearance is still online, but even the figure is still slim and tight.

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