Yang Mis clothes are so superior! Green hat can hold easily

 Yang Mis clothes are so superior! Green hat can hold easily

Because the lower body with a pair of black leather shorts, so she unscrupulously chose a loose version of the boyfriend style suit. Black is a versatile color, even if it can match many colors. With the green hooded sweater, it has a strong integrity. The bright and dark color matching makes the overall wearing become more three-dimensional and unique. Although not facing the camera head-on, her charm can also be felt from her figure.

Sure enough, the beautiful persons back is also impeccable. Yang Mi, who enters the mirror behind his head, still looks confident. Along with the green hooded sweater, there is a green one shoulder mini bag. As a color echo, the two become the essence of this dress. As a beauty loving girl, of course, it is not possible to put all the things in a small bag. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are two bags, one big and one small, in this dress.

Many people dont like wearing hooded sweater because they think it is simple and versatile, but it is not fashionable enough. As an amateur fashion blogger, Yang Mi doesnt think so. She easily drives the development of the market for the sweater. Without the blessing of a suit coat, the specific loose degree and shape design of this sweater will be revealed. There are two points that are very important. First, if you want to be concise and concise, you should choose a solid color sweater without any pattern. Second, if you want to increase the fashion, you should choose the version design with longer sleeves than the body.

Yang Mi is really great in a suit. If the style suits her, she will become the king. For example, this retro suit, first of all, gives people the feeling that it is rich in layers, nostalgic and sexy. With a red high collar lining and a printed shirt in red and black, she chose a V-neck T-shirt with dark water ripple design to increase the sense of hierarchy. Personality and gentlemanly demeanor, coffee color Plaid suit has become very fashionable, even if the suit also wear ordinary people can not wear the beauty.

Slim suit with black satin sling, empty presentation effect is very desire, low-key card tone with elegant round frame glasses to increase the overall sense of formality. In order to show thin, it uses a double row of buttons to balance the width of the body. The middle and long version adopts the way of wearing the lower garment missing, which makes the leg shape perfect. Wearing black silk stockings is really exciting, pure and sexy.

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